MAD Awards 2020 Finalists

MAD AWARDS 2020 FINALISTSAfter more than 10,000 nominations, we are thrilled to reveal the finalists in the 2020 MAD Awards for UK parent bloggers and influencers. 

We hope that you’ll find some of your favourite influencers – and some new favourites to follow, too! 

UK Parenting Influencer of the Year 

This award recognises influencers who have made the biggest impact in the past year, through creative content, their ability to build communities, and engaging posts that followers love! 


Video Influencer of the Year

This award celebrates influencers creating video content. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, these guys are always worth a watch! 


Instagram Influencer of the Year

The finalists in this category are consistently creating thumb-stopping posts and Stories, and we think they represent some of the best content you’ll find on Instagram! 


Favourite Family Lifestyle Influencer

This award celebrates the Mum and Dad influencers sharing varied views of family life in the UK today. Whether you’re looking for days out, toys for kids, or the latest household product recommendations, this is where to find some of the best! 


Baby & Toddler Influencer of the Year

Our Baby & Toddler Influencer category recognises bloggers and influencers with babies and toddlers under 3, offering invaluable advice and support to their audience. 


Favourite Teen & Tween Influencer

Parenting doesn’t stop when children approach secondary school. The finalists in this category are all sharing their family journey with older children and teenagers. 


Favourite Family Travel Influencer

Travel changes when you have small people’s needs to take into account. So we’re always thrilled to discover great family travel bloggers and influencers, who give us all the inspiration and practical tips. 


Favourite Family Food Influencer

Whether you want a healthy option, meat-free meals or hearty suppers for the whole family, the finalists in this category have loads of inspiration to share. 


Favourite Beauty and Style Influencer

This category celebrates influencers who are sharing their personal take on style and beauty, with reviews, inspirational looks and shopping tips. 


Most Inspiring Parenting Influencer

Some influencers don’t just create amazing content. They build communities and inspire, educate and encourage their wider audience. Check out our finalists below: 


Best New Influencer

This award celebrates the new influencers on the block who have made a big impact in a short period of time: 


Best Brand/Influencer Collaboration

This new award for 2020 recognises the influencer marketing campaigns that our influencers and their followers found the most exciting and engaging over the past 12 months. 

  • Aveeno Baby ambassador programme 
  • YHA budget holidays for families
  • LadBaby & Trussell Trust Christmas Number 1
  • Tots100/England Hockey “Hockey Heroes” campaign
  • Scottish Beef Family Favourite Campaign



So You Know...

As you've likely heard and seen, there's an increasing focus on the authenticity of follower growth and engagement on social platforms across the Influencer Marketing community. The platforms themselves have taken measures to deter inauthentic activity and brands now more closely scrutinise the audiences of the influencers with whom they are partnering.

The Flea Network has implemented a system that will detect abnormal spikes in following and engagement, and flag these properties. Of course, such spikes can often be attributed to viral posts or high-profile brands that bring greater exposure to some content.

If one of your social accounts is flagged by our system without an obvious reason, we may reach out to you for assistance in understanding it. If we find any influencer has artificially inflated their audience size or engagement using paid acquisition or automated, third-party tools, we will remove them permanently from our influencer community.

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