Summer 2021 Holiday Plans



After all these months spent ‘locked down’ and with the weather starting to improve, many people have turned their attention to the summer, and thinking about holidays. With so much uncertainty surrounding what we can/cannot do in terms of travel, are people booking ahead or will most ‘wing it’, in the hope of bagging a last-minute trip away? We asked our parent bloggers about their plans this summer …


We have a few plans booked in the summer holidays. We’re staying local in Norfolk for a glamping weekend as well as a week at Potters Resort but we’re also going to London for a few days at the end of the summer.

Lyndsey, Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby


We have a huge family cruise planned to Barbados and around St Lucia. It’s been booked for three years and the kids and I can’t wait! If it doesn’t go ahead then we are just going to wing it this year. Do some day trips to Legoland and other theme parks to try and break the summer holidays up a bit!

Laura, My Beautiful Mess


We were incredibly lucky to get away last summer, and we are likely to be completely leaving it to the last minute for a UK break this year – so winging it totally. My kids are teens and neither of them are keen on getting on a plane at the moment, and I kind of feel the same. I’d like to support some of the local UK businesses too that have really got stung in this pandemic, so I actually figure that my holiday spend is better to save for the UK this year, and to spread the net wider next year.

Helen, Kiddy Charts


I have a trip to the Netherlands planned in my head to see my granddaughter who was born last year. But I haven’t booked travel yet as its still so uncertain. I have booked the time off work for the first week of June. I also have a luxury holiday to Turkey with my daughter and friends booked for August. It is rolled over from a cancelled holiday last year. If it doesn’t happen, then we will roll it over again. I also have another holiday for three weeks in Turkey with a friend in October. Again it is a rolled over holiday and if it doesn’t happen, then we will just rebook next year.

I have had my first covid vaccination, and my second is due in May, so I feel completely safe travelling.

Vicky, Tilly’s Travelling Telegram


We’re going to book a big self-catering cottage in the UK. It’ll be perfect for spending time catching up. Just hoping that we can go as a multi-family group.

Sally, Life Loving


We have booked an all-inclusive holiday to Spain in August, fingers crossed we will be able to go. I booked in January with insurance in case we can’t go. I did it to cheer us up and give us something to look forward to.

Jenny, Life and the Lords


We’ve booked a short static caravan holiday in July in the UK and I’ve booked flights to hopefully go and see my mum at her home in Cyprus in mid-September, as I’ve not seen her for over a year. First vaccination dose next week! We also have a long weekend in Venice booked at the end of May with friends, but we’ve resigned ourselves to that not happening.

Afra, Mad Mum of 7


After so much disappointment last year, I’m holding my cards tight to my chest this time round and not really making any plans at all. We have a week’s self-catering accommodation booked in Wales at the start of the summer holidays and plans for a camping trip or two but beyond that we’ll be flying by the seat of our pants. The most important thing is that we get to spend time with family and friends.

Colette, Going on an Adventure


We’ve got flights booked to Spain to see my parents in August that I’d transferred from last year. We’ve not seen them for nearly two years now and it’s the only thing I can focus on right now. If that all falls apart again then I’ll try to take my son away for a couple of days in the UK but I just won’t book anything right now until the future is firmer. We’ve got lots of friends and family to try to catch up with so our summer may just end up being a lot of weekends away doing that if we are allowed to this year.

Mary, Over 40 and a Mum to One


We are going away in July to a cottage (in a series of three cottages ) in the Norfolk Broads; it comes with a boat and our brother and sister in law and mother and father in law are having the other cottages.

We also have Butlins booked for October half term (this is hopefully fourth time lucky after four cancelled trips there); we are just going for a long week in the wave hotel. It’s what the kids have been asking for all lockdown.

Kayleigh, Mums Guide To


We’ve booked two short breaks in Wales for June and will be doing a few day trips to local zoos and theme parks. We would have loved to take our son to Greece for his first holiday abroad but we’re very apprehensive to book anything. I couldn’t imagine the stress if a holiday abroad got cancelled last minute or we had to quarantine on our return. I think it’s definitely the fear of the unknown.

Hayley, Brummy Mummy Diaries


We are enjoying a staycation year this year. We have plans to camp in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall so far. We have really enjoyed exploring our local area over the last year so we are going to incorporate local parks and attractions into our plans too.

Kelly, North East Family Adventures


We didn’t go on holiday last year and haven’t booked anything this year either. I think we’re just going to wing it and see how things go! Hopefully, come July I’ll be successfully searching for available pitches on campsites in Dorset! As well as a 4 year old, we’ve now got a newborn, so will want to stay a little closer to home than our usual treks to Pembrokeshire or Cornwall.

Laura, Autumn’s Mummy Blog


We had to cancel our travel plans last year and we don’t feel confident to book something for this year for the same to happen again. We’ll just stay more local and be more spontaneous this year – hopefully we’ll be able to do some day trips or shorter stays here in the UK this year which we’d be very happy with since we couldn’t do anything last summer! Travelling abroad can wait another year!

Petra, A Mum Reviews


We are absolutely going to be winging it! For me, I just think the disappointment would be too much if we booked something and it all fell through. Saying that, I am slightly nervous that UK breaks are going to be getting really booked up the longer we leave it… I think we will just plan for lots of lovely day trips and keep our fingers crossed we can get a longer break away nearer the time!

Hannah, Hannah and the Twiglets


For start of summer we have a weekend stay booked at Butlin’s as our girls love the place. We also currently have a holiday in Greece booked for the late summer. This was something booked in 2019, and then in 2020 we elected to move it to 2021. As it is impossible to know as of yet what the situation is or what kind of restrictions there are, we are cautiously looking forward to them, but understand they might have to be cancelled at late notice. Likelihood is that we will focus on day trips and short stays close to London where we live.

Irina, Wave to Mummy


We’ve booked a UK self-catering break which we can cancel until pretty much the last minute. I really hope we don’t have to, but having that flexibility and knowing we won’t lose any money is very reassuring. I’m also really hoping we can visit family in their garden for the day here and there, and would love to be able to fit in a camping trip or two – although I’m pretty sure we’re going to struggle to find anywhere that isn’t already full!

Catherine, Growing Family


We’ll probably celebrate the end of lockdown by visiting friends and family. We haven’t booked anything, as we’ll wait to see what happens. Last year we stayed with the grandparents and uncle in a house in Cornwall, and visited the Eden Project. On my website, I made a map of eco attractions such as the Eden Project, and child friendly vegan B and Bs in the UK. I would like to test these out too. There are family friendly maps on London and the Lake District.

Helen, Living with Warmth


We have booked several airbnb stays to do a trip around Wales for our summer holidays and are really looking forward to it. It will be so nice to get away from our house, see some different places and spend time together outside of our house. We’re hoping for a holiday abroad next year and will definitely appreciate it to the fullest!

Lisa, Hollybobbs


We normally have staycations, but we didn’t have one last year because trips to Wales were prohibited. This year we booked early for two weeks self-catering on the Isle of Wight. IOW offers lovely beaches and wonderful outdoor spaces.

Maria, The Tiger Tales


We haven’t booked much at all for this year. We bought a campervan last year though so I’m hopeful we’ll have lots of short trips and perhaps even a longer trip too. We’re happy to stay and explore the UK, although finding quieter places will be our priority.

Claire, The Ladybirds Adventures


Tracey is the Contributing Editor for Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and Hibs100. She also blogs at PackThePJs. Tracey writes mainly about family travel; from days out to road trips with her pet dogs, to cruises and long-haul tropical destinations. Her family consists of her husband Huw, Millie-Mae (14), Toby (12) and Izzy and Jack the spaniels.

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