Blogging during Lockdown: A Round-Up


Lockdown blogging

Think back to February … childcare, work, chores once the kids are in bed … and only then having time to think about your blog. Oh, how easy it was then! Now … well, we’re teachers, referees, cooks, cleaners, first aiders, IT wizards. We now have to be parents, employees AND bloggers – all at the same time! My hair is fast turning grey, and I can’t even pop to the hairdressers to get it fixed! Have you managed to blog during lockdown? Have you taken a break? Has your blog gone viral because you’ve spent more time on it than usual? I checked in on a few parent bloggers to see how they’ve been getting on …


Since lockdown I’ve been unable to continue with my business (running sensory classes for parents and babies) and so I’ve turned my attention to my blog. I’ve tried to complete all the little tasks that I have been putting off for so long such as adding internal links, creating a search description and removing broken links for example. Perhaps it is a coincidence or because people are more likely to be searching the web, but I’ve noticed a definite increase in my page views since doing this! I’ve also tried my best to increase my site’s DA. One way I have been doing this is by gaining backlinks from other sites. I’m still waiting to see the effect of this but hopefully it’s all moving in the right direction.

Submitted by Jennie, Rice Cakes and Raisins


My traffic has increased quite a bit since lockdown started. I think that’s due to the fact that I blog about ways to make money from home which is relevant right now but also because the work that I’ve put into SEO is starting to pay off. It’s spurred me on to create more posts that will rank well in Google and attract organic traffic. I love Ubersuggest for keyword research.

To benefit from the increase in traffic to certain posts, I’m working on ways to attract the audience to sign up to my email list. I have been on Canva a lot working on a printable that my reader will love.
However, I’ve also been working from home, home schooling and trying to cram in as much Netflix as possible – there’s been a lot to fit in! So I’ve been doing a small amount of work on my blog each day as every little helps!

Submitted by Gemma, The Work Life Blend

I started a new job on March 23 – a.k.a. “the first day of lockdown”. From a financial perspective, my new role has been a godsend. From a blogging perspective, it’s been a nightmare. Simply put, when coupled with the increased childcare responsibilities of lockdown, the long hours have left me with no time to populate my Insta feed, let alone craft the length of blog I usually favour.

Rather than sulk about this, I’ve adapted my output. Which means? It means conceiving on-topic “quick fix” posts that take less time to put together. For example: I’ve interviewed my 4-year-old about COVID-19; I’ve posted about three great garden toys for sporty kids; and I’ve crowdsourced parenting views on Twitter and then written up the results. And do you know what? My numbers and engagement have gone up. Thus, I’m planning to combine these “quick fix” formats with my usual output when lockdown lifts.

Submitted by Stuart,


Lockdown life has totally changed the content on my blog. I used to focus on days out and family holidays – obviously that’s not been happening! As I find myself working from home full time with my four-year-old, a lot of my blog posts have been offering advice on how to work from home with kids. I’ve also had some beauty and wellbeing articles including ‘top working from home makeup essentials’ (perfect for all those video conferences) and ‘top self-care essentials’. Plus, I’ve had a ‘date nights in lockdown’ post which really resonated with my audience. My family content is still really important to me and I’ve had a blog post about hosting a virtual birthday party and going camping in your garden. My Instagram has really grown during lockdown as I think more and more mums are looking to connect. I’ve created a Saturday Social on Instagram for parents to connect with each other which has been brilliant for meeting new friends. Sadly, my YouTube channel has been rather neglected but I’m looking to film new vlogs to finally hit the 1000 subscriber mark, if I can do that by the end of lockdown I will be so happy!

Submitted by RowenaMy Balancing Act


When lockdown started in March my views plummeted. I decided to try and turn things to my advantage and create the sort of content that people were looking for. I previously tended to write about free range parenting and funny family life stuff but had recently started to post about doing process art with kids too. I expanded on that by posting about our weekly process art project, as it’s something people can do at home. I then found myself really enjoying home schooling so decided to start blogging about that too. I’ve written home schooling tips, posts about learning resources and ideas for the school holidays in lockdown. I’ve found these post types have done really well in the all of the “lockdown parenting” groups that have popped up on Facebook. My views for April were actually my highest ever!

Submitted by Josie, Me Them and the Others

Blogging while in lockdown hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, I am a single mother trying my best to home school three children on my own, make them my top priority and make sure my home is not a bomb site at the end of the day, My blog has gone completely out of the window, I do occasional posts here and there but consistency and the quantity of work I’ve put into my blog has gone down along with my confidence in writing and producing the content  I felt was best for my blog.

I feel once that lockdown has eased and the children go back to school I can and will focus once again on my blog and bring it back to a regular posting schedule that suits me best without the worry of mum guilt when I do sit down with my laptop and get some work done or be a human climbing frame.

Submitted by Sarah, Sarah Lou Writes

My blog has actually been doing very well during the lockdown.

A lot of my content is about upcycling, and making useful items with things we already have. As a keen sewist, I like to use up all the fabric I can in a more eco friendly way. My views had been growing steadily since before the lockdown, but I have certainly seen a good rise in traffic as people have been staying in.

I certainly think as particular items have been hard to find in the shops people have been looking online for solutions. I have written articles featuring solutions for the lack of hand gel and a lack of loo roll. Hopefully my posts have helped people a little in the tough times.

After lockdown I definitely want to build on all this. But I will just keep going at it in a slow and steady way. My blog is nearly 2 years old, so I think it could do with a bit of a revamp. But my core message and new content will definitely stay the same.

Submitted by Jo, A Rose Tinted World


Lockdown is such a strange time for us all. I have used this time to throw myself back into my blog. For me blogging at the moment is like a form of therapy. I can write all my feelings down and it seems to make me feel better about the situation.

I have written posts about what activities I have been doing with the kids which people are finding helpful. My most recent post was about all the jobs around the house I’ve been wanting to do but have never had the time to do them.

My blog will carry on sharing posts like this over the next how-ever many months. As I know lockdown will start to ease in different ways. But for a lot of people they will feel anxious of leaving the house so may still spend a lot of time at home.

Submitted by Jess, Beauties and the Bibs


I write a family travel blog that is currently massively down in traffic (understandable at the moment since no-one is travelling or looking for days out!). I have pretty much decided to leave it until the traffic comes back naturally, and instead have started a couple of new blogs.

If I was sensible, I should have started a food or gardening blog, but instead one of my new blogs is a niche site all about things to do in York and the other centres around another interest of mine – gin and cocktail making!

I am writing posts about where to find tasting classes as well as sharing cocktail recipes.  My intention is to review lots of gin tasting or cocktail making classes later on when the world has righted itself (It’s a hard life…!).  It does take a year or so to really get a blog off the ground, so by the time the traffic returns my blogs will be in place to receive visits!

Submitted by Nikki, Gin and Cocktails






Tracey is the Contributing Editor for Tots100 and Trips100. She also blogs at PackThePJs. Tracey writes mainly about family travel; from days out to road trips with her pet dogs, to cruises and long-haul tropical destinations. Her family consists of her husband Huw, a science and technology writer, Millie-Mae (13), Toby (11) and Izzy and Jack the spaniels.

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