What Do Mums REALLY Want on Mother’s Day?


Mother's Day

If you’ve been in a supermarket or card shop recently, you’ll be aware that the next ‘big thing’ on the calendar is Mother’s Day. Sunday 31 March here in the UK. The stores tell us that mums want a new mug with inspirational quotes in glittery pink scroll on them, cut flowers and ‘Best Mummy’ Peppa Pig PJs (yes, they are a thing). But do we? Here’s what some of our parent bloggers want for their Mother’s Day …

Let’s start with some inexpensive gifts, that are in fact priceless …

Catherine, Rock and Roll Pussycat – A poo in peace. Door closed and locked without anyone banging, needing a poo or asking to look at some part of my body

Jane, Hodge Podge Days – I’d like him to put his shoes on the first time I ask 

Katie, Mummy’s Diary – I would love more than anything for my husband to clean our house, sort out the kid’s clothes and cook a lovely meal! (While I watch my favourite soaps with tea and biscuits!)

Kate, Counting To Ten – I would love a good night sleep, but I might have to wait until next year for that. Baby cuddles are nearly as good though

Mother's Day

Charlotte, Cups of Charlotte – A day when my little one does not shout MUMMY constantly all day

Sarah, Mummy’s Whine Club – Oh gosh, I’ve a list the length of my arm! Being able to get dressed by myself without two little people running around the room wearing my bra as a hat is probably top of the list. Then, if someone could wipe away the guilt of having a kid free day, I’d love one of those too! 

Jen, Style Brief – As a mum with teenagers I would love for them to actually wake up at a reasonable time and make me breakfast in bed like they used to when they were little. Maybe I’ll settle for brunch in bed this year 😉

Jennie, Rice Cakes and Raisins – A pause button that works on my children so I can still enjoy every moment of them but can also eat my toast without sharing it

Lianne, Anklebiters Adventures – To no longer have a washing mountain that the little ones jump on and shout avalanche on the way down!

Rachel, Marvellous Mrs P – I’d like my name to be spoken as a two-syllable word. Mum-ee and not Mum-ee-eeeee-eeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hayley, Devon Mama – A hug that lasts longer than 2 seconds… that’s all we get these days as playing is FAR more fun! 

Jess, Mrs Hible – A bath in piece where no little people come in to use the toilet. This always seems to happen to me and if it’s my daughter she will sit for ages just chatting to me

Mother's Day

Sadie, Life With The Woodheads – A nap in peace without being climbed on and toys being thrown at me by a toddler who constantly says ‘mum mum’ over and over whilst dad joins in 🙃 (Megablocks bloody hurt! They can be banned for the full day too!)

Lyndsay-Rose, My Family of Roses – Waking up to a clean and relatively tidy home. A relaxing day being waited on. Instead of meal preps, laundry and cleaning …

Hayley, Winging It with Two Boys – To not have a debate with my four- and five- year olds every time I ask them to do something 🙈 ‘but why mummy’ arrrrgggghhhh!

Rachel, Lukeosaurus and Me – I really, really, really want to just sleep. The entire day. I want my Mister to take my 5yo and 6m old OUT for the entire day so it’s absolutely silent in my house. And then I can sleep. For hours 😀

Louise, Pink Pear Bear – Not a single moan or bicker. For the whole day. Not one. Cheerful bright and enthusiastic children who happily play together like the children in films do!

Jennifer, Mighty Mama Bear – A day where I’m actually left in peace so I can read a book. I’m always too tired to read more than a few pages so a whole day where I can just read without interruptions would be the ultimate luxury. Oh, and someone to do my ironing!

Mother's Day

Jo, A Rose Tinted World – A lie in. My little one wakes us up every day at 6.15. We’ve not had a proper lie in for 3 years! 

Yvette, Uplifting and Inspiring ContentA day to stay in bed a little longer and not worry about getting breakfast, lunch or dinner for the kids or take them to their activities. A day for me to rest and rejuvenate

Hollie, Pretty Big Butterflies – I’d love to have someone come in and clean my house from top to bottom and change the bed sheets for me! I never seem to be able to keep on top of it

Chantelle, Zac’s Story – A bottle of pink champagne in a hot bubble bath ALONE! 😂

Raimonda, Cosmo Mum – A voucher for a one-off house deep cleaning and a family visit to a local cafe for coffee, cakes and ice cream!

Claire, Red Kite Days – I’d like to go for a country walk that doesn’t involve carrying an armful of sticks collected by my kids

Lucy, The Parent Game Blog – A family meal where everyone eats the same thing. As a mother and wife of hypersensitive people, that would be a dream come true!

Emma, Happy Family Hub – For Mother’s Day I wish for peace and harmony all day long, for my daughter to eat everything I give to her and an early bedtime so we can enjoy a good film and a nice cup of (hot) tea!

Zoe, My Little Wildings – A DAY ALONE! I’d start with a HOT cup of tea. Then a wee all by myself with no one passing me loo roll or ‘helping’ pull up my trousers. I’d have a bath alone without someone climbing in, then back out for a poo. I’d cook a proper dinner with vegetables and enjoy it while it was hot and without having to share it. And I’d watch an entire movie, start to end without a wee break or a juice clear up. A day alone 🙌🏻

Moving on to some thoughtful, personal gifts that mums actually want …

Jennifer, My Mummy’s Pennies – For me, my biggest wish would be a chance to be in a nice photograph with the children that isn’t a staged set up or a selfie. It would be lovely to have some nice natural moments captured of the children and I!

Hollie, Thrifty Mum – I’d love my ex to take my sons to a pottery paint place or something similar where they could make me something rather than him just telephone a florist and book a delivery and say it’s from the kids 😔 I’d rather receive nothing than something so impersonal

Mother's Day

Amy, All about a Mummy – Something with my kids’ fingerprints/palm prints on. No matter how many times I drop (blatant) hints to my Husband he hasn’t got the message – it’s been 8yrs now! I think I need to just get one for myself! 

Danielle, This Woman’s Word – A heart pendant and ring with both of my children’s fingerprints engraved on it. My children are my world, even when I’m at my wits end with my 9-month-old daughter waking 10 times a night to nurse so think I will treat myself to this wonderful keepsake

Of course there’s always one wanting a bigger surprise … 😉

Emma, Me, The Man & The Kids – I really want to go to the airport and get on a plane and go somewhere sunny without having to pack a stupid amount of teddies which take up half the luggage allowance, not have to fight a kid for the window seat and then not have to worry about one of them swimming off while I catch a few sun rays 😉 Now that would be a blissful Mother’s Day for me!

Mother's Day

But we’ll end with Jade from Jade’s Long Journey’s thought on what she’d like for Mother’s Day …

“Nothing because you should love me and treat me with respect everyday not just on this one singular day”

Every day should be Mother’s Day. We hope you all have a good one xxx


Tracey is the Contributing Editor for Tots100 and Trips100. She also blogs at PackThePJs. Tracey writes mainly about family travel; from days out to road trips with her pet dogs, to cruises and long-haul tropical destinations. Her family consists of her husband Huw, a science and technology writer, Millie-Mae (12), Toby (10) and Izzy and Jack the spaniels.

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  1. HA! Loved this post – I am hoping for a lie in and a day when nobody asks me to do something they could do themselves! I don’t think I’ll get it as it’s also my sons 4th birthday AND the clocks go forward!

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