Pregnancy Round Up July 2018: Come and Read How Our Pregnant Ladies Are Coping With The Heat


I think you’d be hard pushed to find a pregnant woman who hasn’t found this recent heat hard work. Carrying your own internal central heating unit means that temperatures up near the 30s are more like torture than a pleasure. Add in a spot of pregnancy insomnia to run alongside hot nights and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been feeling a tad grumpy and hoping for rain. Sorry – I’m sounding a tad bah humbug there. I love summer really.

Over this last month the other thing I’ve loved is getting to know all the pregnant bloggers out there, and following their pregnancy journeys. Whether it’s been those at the start like Ali at We Made This Life, people like Franki at Wonderful Chaos marking the end of the first trimester, or experiencing all the emotions of introducing a new baby to a big brother or sister, like Berrit over at Boo Berrit. Huge congratulations to Berrit on her new arrival and also to Hanna from Little Snippets who also introduced her son to us this month.

For some bloggers pregnancy has been far from smooth, and yet I know that sharing their journeys does help others and will continue to do so. Louise’s from Little Hearts, Big Love’s diary of pregnancy after child loss is an emotional read, but as she says herself, being able to express some of her feelings honestly through blogging can be incredibly helpful.

Again, showing how useful the sharing of pregnancy experiences can be, I found it ever so helpful to read about how Hannah over at Make Do and Push had a similar same disappointing experience to me when finding out the midwives no longer listen for a heartbeat at 16 week appointments. At the time I’d thought it just me being hormonal and emotional about it. Leanne from A Slice of my Life Wales, has also shared her thoughts and feelings about being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during her pregnancy.

How different are subsequent pregnancies? That’s what Alison over at Not Another Mummy Blog has been asking as she compares first and second pregnancies. I know Leanne also did a lighthearted comparison of the different ways we behave a few months back too. I have to say I’m finding this third one so, so different to numbers one and two. Whether that’s because this one has a different Dad or not I don’t know. Looking at Alison’s list though I don’t think that’s the only reason.

The other thing that I’ve loved, in a slightly bittersweet way, is everyone’s gender reveal posts. Whether you tell everyone with confetti-like Momma Mack did, or go for something more low-key, they’re a great way of sharing the excitement of expecting. We deliberated for ages about whether to find out our baby’s sex, finally deciding on the morning of that scan that yes we did. It seems that baby has other ideas though. He, or she, kept their legs very firmly together for my 20 week scan. Even after 15 minutes of emptying and re-filling my bladder and walking around the hospital corridors, it didn’t change its mind. Looks like I’m going to have to be patient until November.

We’re not the only ones in that surprise gender club though. Amber and Kirsty over at Meet the Wildes are also planning a surprise for their fifth child. Amber has written beautifully about her 20 week scan and all the questions that expectant parents have about their new baby and how he or she will fit into existing families. 

If you’re sharing your pregnancy on your blog then please drop me a line and let me know. You can email or find me on twitter or instagram where I am @pennyblogs. Until next month, enjoy the summer and I can’t wait to read about how everyone is getting on.



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