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UK adoption blogs

Not all families are made the same way, and today we’re celebrating some of the UK’s best adoption and fostering blogs. 

These bloggers’ stories show us that while all families face some of the same challenges, those families brought together by adoption or fostering face some unique challenges. Adoption can be a gruelling process, with interviews, panels, courts, training and matching – all to give a child a forever home. 

The bloggers below are all worth following, with fantastic writing, powerful and compelling stories, and useful information for parents who would like to follow in their footsteps and grow their own families through fostering or adoption.

What we love about the UK adoption family bloggers is how powerfully they show that adoption is something that’s open to all sorts of families. Although it’s not easy, these blogs show that adoption can be an especially rewarding experience for many parents. 

diversity month for UK influencers

This post is part of our Diversity Month, a series of posts on Tots100 and our sister sites showcasing the variety of blogs and influencers in our community. Please do go and check out these special families and give them a follow on social media.

10 UK Adoption Blogs to Follow in 2018 

4 Relative Strangers 

 4 Relative Strangers is written by James, a British adoptive Dad to two boys, TJ and KC. James and his partner are currently home-educating their youngest son, while their eldest son attends a local school. However, with the news that their eldest son has received a serious diagnosis, the family’s future now looks uncertain.

As James writes, “The consultant was brilliant with him (and me). She explained everything to him – that he had every right to be angry. That it wasn’t his fault and that it wasn’t mine or Papa’s fault either.” It’s an incredibly moving story, and an insight into the challenges that many adopted children (and their families) can face. 

Suddenly Mummy 

Suddenly Mummy is a single women’s story of her journey into fostering and adoption. The anonymous author’s posts take a serious and challenging view of adoption, with posts covering behaviour, education, trauma and how education services need to be more inclusive of the needs of adopted children. 

3 Girls Together 

Another adoption blog written by a single Mum, 3 Girls Together tells the story of two girls who were adopted at the ages of two and four.

While the blog author made sure she knew a lot about adoption before she went ahead, it turns out adopting two little girls with very different complex needs (all unknown or undeclared on placement) has had an impact on her life in more ways than she could have ever predicted. This blog is about their lives and mums struggle to keep the family safe, happy and most importantly together.

Little Rae Life  

“To say that adoption rocked out world is an understatement,” says Rae, a 30-something caffeine addict, Christian and honest blogger. 

Little Rae Life tells the story of life with three children, including an adopted daughter. It’s a compelling insight into the long and often painful process of adopting a child, which Rae describes as, “at best like having your home life raided by a social worker with a search warrant”. 

Hannah Meadows 

This fabulous blog is a treasure trove of advice, support and inspiration for families making their way through the adoption journey. Hannah Meadows is the blog of Hannah, an adoptive Mum to two children with additional needs caused by early trauma. The site includes book reviews, advice on self-care, resources for support and much, much more. 

The Unlikely Dad 

Tom is an adoptive Dad who raises a gorgeous baby boy with his husband. The Unlikely Dad is the story of a very modern family, with incredibly cool photography, loads of positive posts about adoption (Tom says the experience wasn’t as long or difficult as he expected), and a mixture of lifestyle and brand collab posts. 

Al Coates

Al is a social worker, but first and foremost he is an adoptive Dad blogger and podcaster. The Al Coates blog has been around since 2013, and Al is also the creator of The Adoption and Fostering Podcast, which features regular interviews with adoptive and foster parents from around the world. As a Dad of six kids (all adopted), Al has pretty much seen it all – and blogged about it. 

(BTW – did you know this week is LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week – check out the current edition of Al’s Adoption and Fostering Podcast for a special themed edition about LGBT adoption and related issues). 

The Newby Tribe 

The Newby Tribe Mum Cherry is a former headteacher, and blogs to share inspiring ideas of things to do with your kids. This site is packed with ideas for days out, activities and crafts for primary school children. Cherry has two gorgeous adopted children, and is blogging while enjoying her time as a stay-at-home Mum to her new family. 

Now We Are 5 

The blog Now We are 5 is written by Mrs G, who is a busy working Mum of three – not forgetting Stanley the dog! Back in 2016, Mrs G was a Mum of two, when the family made the decision to adopt a third child. It’s an emotional and personal journey, and it’s all shared on the blog along with tales of teenage hormones, toddler chaos and the odd bit of crochet. 

Kate on Thin Ice 

For our last blog today, we’re sharing the story of an adult who was adopted. Kate is a Mum blogger over at Kate on Thin Ice, and frequently writes about her experiences as an adult who was adopted as a child. This post on Kate’s adoption love story is a great place to start. 



Emma Bradley is the editor of Tots100 and she also blogs at Emma and 3 and Mums Savvy Savings. Emma writes about a diverse range of topics from raising aspirations of girls to day trips and holidays with the family. The family includes her teacher husband, Chloe (16) Dylan (11) and Erin (6).

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention in such a powerful line-up. Good we talk about adoption more these days and like to read about it from different perspectives and also to see how much it has changed

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