Blog of the Month: Amber from Meet the Wildes


Meet the Wildes is the award-winning modern love story of same-sex parents Amber and Kirsty Wilde and their two sets of twins.

They are also our blog of the month this March!   

This month we sat down over a virtual cuppa with Amber, to chat all things blogging. Amber has been blogging for four years, and her words and pictures are breathtaking. This is even more incredible when you realise that Amber and Kirsty are busy raising two sets of twins! Where do they find the time? 

Do check out the Meet the Wildes blog, and you can also follow the family on YouTube. We asked Amber a few questions about blogging, to find out more about the family behind this top same-sex parenting blog.

What are your top three blogging tips?

Write. Just write. I know that it seems super obvious but if you spend more time angsting over what to write and how to write it than just writing, you’re not going to get much done! I find that a glass of wine helps, or staying up past bedtime and just letting the words flood out of myself in a cathartic outpouring of expression. And it feels so good after!

It’s tempting to only show the very best of yourself on social media, but if you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable, you deprive your audience of the opportunity to love you.

Do invest in the best camera that you can afford, and an editing program.

Your audience wants to identify with you, and blogging is such a visual medium – it can only be advantageous to focus on photography and allow them to really ‘see’ you and your life.

Amber Wilde top same sex parenting blog

What are your blogging plans for the next six months? 

Have a baby. Blog about it.

I’m seven weeks along with a much-wanted singleton and as I write a family blog, I expect that most of my blogging plans for this year will revolve around documenting my pregnancy and eventually – if all goes to plan – the introduction of the baby to the rest of the brood in November!

If I can manage a few blogging events and some fun along the way, I shall be a happy bunny.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging four years ago. I was expecting my first set of twins and was looking for same sex parenting blogs about families that resembled ours. I couldn’t find one, so I thought that I should probably start my own!

Four years later and I am completely hooked; I love the cathartic process of documentation, I love being able to flick back through our memories years later, and I absolutely adore the blogging community.

What are three of your best posts from the past year?

I adored the photography on my son’s third birthday photoshoot:Today You Turned Three

This, which I wrote to the young people who don’t identify as heterosexual, who might be reading my blog and wondering what the future holds for them: You are not alone

And this tribute to my ‘perfect’ child-ravaged body: This is my perfect body

Which blog do you love to read?

There are SO many blogs that I love to read.

At the moment, I’m really enjoying My Little Wildlings. Zoe has darling red-head twins and two more children besides, and writes about her life in Edinburgh. Her blog is always real, relatable and honest – and the images are beautiful!

diversity month for UK influencers

March is a month of diversity across Tots100 and our sister sites. As such we’d love to showcase more same-sex parenting blogs – let us know your favourites in the comments! 

Emma Bradley is the editor of Tots100 and she also blogs at Emma and 3 and Mums Savvy Savings. Emma writes about a diverse range of topics from raising aspirations of girls to day trips and holidays with the family. The family includes her teacher husband, Chloe (16) Dylan (11) and Erin (6).

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