Blogger of the Month February 2018: Jenny from Monkey and Mouse

Each month we highlight a blogger who makes an impact.  Jenny from Monkey and Mouse;inspires us with her blog posts and beautiful photography. She is often found outdoors in the countryside with her boys. Jenny is an advocate for co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding and home educating. She has the coolest sounding job too – a part time bat ecologist during the summer.  Want to know more? Then you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
When did you start blogging?
I started Monkey and Mouse exactly 3 years ago this month!  Well, technically I had been blogging on a craft blog for many years before that, but the blogging world wasn’t quite the same then and we certainly didn’t worry about social media much.  It’s amazing how blogging has changed!
 What are your top three blogging tips?
  • Blogging often looks easy to those who aren’t bloggers (yet!), but there is so much more to it.  My first tip is if you are about to start a blog is to think of a name that isn’t similar to any other current blogs (difficult task, I know!) and isn’t too specific if you think your blog may change direction in the future.  A lot of parent bloggers regret their blog names with ‘mummy’ etc in when their kids grow older and they include them less in their blogs.  I definitely wish I had thought a bit longer over my blog name!
  • Once you start blogging it’s hard to not get caught up in the competition of who is doing what and checking everyone else’s follower numbers. This can be quite depressing and is likely to put you off writing your own blog quite so well.  So instead of using all that time comparing yourself to others start thinking of some insanely good blog posts of your own and promote the hell out of them!  You will soon build up a great audience if you are passionate about what you write and that will also bring in brands who would like to work with you.
  • Slightly in contrast to the last point, look at how other bloggers you admire write and photograph.  Work out what you like about their writing, about their photography or social captions.  Then consider these ideas when you are writing your own work or setting up photographs.  Would it interest you if you were a reader?  If not, try again, but try a different approach.  Of course don’t ever try and replicate another blogger and their work but take some inspiration from them for your own unique approach.

 What are your blogging plans for the next six months?

I sort of wing it on a daily basis, I don’t have a specific plan for the next 6 months, I just go with the flow.  I try and plan my work for the evenings when the kids are asleep, but this is a very loose plan as I can often be too tired to write.  So instead I work out a rough plan week to week of any paid work that needs completed and then jot down ideas for other blog posts that I would like to write.  Clearly the paid work comes first and I fit any of my post ideas in if there’s time afterward.
Maybe in 6 months time, I can be better at planning long-term, but where would the fun and excitement be in that?

What are three of your best posts from the past year?

I had a fantastic year last year with my blog and there were so many well loved posts.  The post that had the most views for me was actually this one Over-20-plane-activities-for-kids which has over 20 ideas for kids activities on a plane.  I can understand why it’s so popular with limitations on use of tech on certain flights, plus we still use lots of these ideas ourselves.  
My own favourites would have to include my post on Coll and Tiree Camping-kids-coll-tiree.  We visited many places last year, but we were so lucky with the weather on Coll and the kids had an amazing time at the beaches and both islands are just stunning!  As I love travelling and taking photos, it may seem obvious that I enjoy creating my photos into calendars other photo gifts so this collaboration Planning-new-memories-with-snapfish with a photo brand also has to be a favourite post of mine from last year. I love having a picture of my family on the calendar each month!
Which blog do you love to read?
There are so many blogs that I love to read, I just wish I had more time to comment on them all!  One of my favourites has to be my friend Natalie’s blog, Plutonium Sox.  She has a great mix of sponsored posts, everyday life and some brilliant stories and ‘rants’.  
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  1. Yay go Jenny! No one deserves blogger of the month more. I absolutely adore Jenny’s blog. She always posts the most beautiful pictures and the most creative kids learning crafts. I’m always really inspired by her activities and adventures out. It’s been a privilege to follow her from the start and watch her blog evolve. It’s also a huge bonus that she is such a lovely person too and always willing to help others. 🙂 Happy blogiversary for this month Jenny! Here’s to many, many more years.

  2. Literally my fave blog, I read and enjoy all Jenny’s posts. Thanks very much for mentioning my blog too Jenny, even if it is tuning into some sort of mutual appreciation club 😉

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