10 New Blogs on the Block to Check Out This January


One of the best parts of being editor of Tots100 is that I get to read blogs! This leads us to find the new gems, those that write with such honesty that you have to start at the beginning and read everything they have shared online.  Blogging is still being taken up by many writers each month. Whether they are writing to entertain, to promote a cause or just to have something to empty their head.

We know that it can be difficult to find new blogs and therefore each month we are doing a round up of ten new blogs that have registered with Tots100.  We hope that this showcases the new blogs and helps them grow their audience.  Do take some time to read and interact with those we have highlighted this November.

Mrs Mactivity is an education resource blog that runs alongside her business.  The blog has craft and educational activities for younger children. Looking for something to do then these printables and resources will help.

Mini Human Resources this blog has a niche that is a little bit different.  It can answer lots of questions that you haven’t always thought to ask.  Kayleigh works in Human Resources and she writes about balance. Balancing parenthood with life. Understanding your rights as an employee and the options you have in making work fit around your family. As she says ‘if you understand your rights then that’s a start… right?

Daddy and Dad share the journey of their adoption story.  As they say ‘like our fellow LGBT adopters, we found that there was a proverbial sink-hole where first-hand information from same-sex adopters should have been online’. The blog shares the good, the bad and the ugly experiences that same-sex adoptive parents face’. 

First Time Dad Adventure is a blog written by dad  Cameron who is a first-time dad who lives with his wife, Susan, and their newborn baby, Aaron.

A Rosie World caught my attention for its fab photography and energy.  A high octane blog which shares the day to day of family life.

All the Family World is a busy blog as Jo has three children and four more step children.  Jo wants to blog to stay aware of how her mind and body are feeling. ‘I am hoping to explore how my mind works a bit more and open it up to allow it to be calm more of the time’.  Read her blog to see how she is managing it all.

The Worrier Woman is written by Camilla who proclaims to be one of the world’s biggest worriers. She is one of those people who go to bed and have that list of things to do running through their mind – you know like in the movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker? Camilla is married to Mr W, a hotelier  and has a 2.5 year old son and a 7 year old beagle. 

Sensational Learning with Penguin is all about learning with a difference: Penguin has a diagnosis of autism, and they recently opted for home education (homeschooling). On this blog you can expect to find crafts, days out, baking, playdough, and other learning activities, as well as some posts focusing on autism, learning and parenting from a mums perspective.

Wife Wear Pants is a blog written by a stay at home dad.  An older first time dad he left his career because his wife earns more. The blog shares the observations of a 40-something new stay-at-home Dad. It is well written and includes plenty of pub reviews!

Alabama Lola is written by Lauren who has decided ‘to become a millennial & join this blogging bandwagon’. Lauren wants to share the honesty in parenting and is full of all the swears.  If you like real parenting blogs then this is for you.

Do go and visit the blogs we have introduced today and let the writers know which of their posts you have enjoyed.



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