Quiet Month? 23 Ways to Keep Your Blog Busy in January


Blogging opportunities are like buses, they turn up as and when.  In the quiet times, it can be challenging to stay positive and you may think that you are never going to get commissioned again.  When blogging is a hobby this is fine but for those of us that make our money from this fickle world of online working, it can be worrying.  It can be enough to make us screech ‘I can’t do dry January’ as we reach for the bottle of wine! 

Self-employment is not for the faint-hearted and we asked the Tots100 bloggers what they do on their blog during the quiet times.  

  1. Tinker a lot with my theme… Raising the Rings.
  2. Go through posts and add relevant keywords, update the first paragraph, edit titles, add links to my other related articles The Mini Mes And Me.
  3. Remove old unvisited posts that don’t fit the style of my blog anymore and put redirects in place. I check that they don’t get good traffic first (via Google Analytics) Katy Kicker.
  4. Keyword research which can have a positive impact on organic traffic.  I update my popular posts by using even better keywords Mums Savvy Savings.
  5. I’ve been updating my reviews lately. It’s nice to read a review a few months on as products can be great to start with but it’s nice for the reader to know if it really is value for money Twinderelmo.
  6. I keep a list of post ideas that I want to write but often don’t get the time. Then, when it’s a bit quieter, I get stuck in. I target things that will bring in good traffic or things that give me pleasure to write about Yorkshire Wonders. 
  7. I’ve just done the two free Google Analytics courses offered by Google Analytics Academy which seemed like time well spent. I’m also helping out a few friends with their websites & social media and have just read a book on Content Strategy. And on the blog I’m experimenting with a subscriber pop up to see what difference that makes for a month Opposable Thumbs Blog.
  8. I tend to work on networking on my social networks by chatting with others and commenting on posts, share my old posts and update my info page with recent photos Loving Life With Little Ones.
  9. Brainstorm big ideas, do some strategic thinking, listen to podcasts that might inspire me and go to events / network Not Another Mummy Blog.
  10. Over the last 6 years I have created a database of paid work emails and I often update my media pack and send them an email saying ‘Hi this is my updated media pack and it would be lovely to work together again in the future’ that type of thing.
  11. Reshoot photos for old recipe posts. Create better pinnable images and schedule to Tailwind Foodie Quine.
  12. Take the opportunity to fit in things I don’t always get time to do. Whether that’s personal or on the blog. Getting out and taking a pile of photos for stock is always a good one Rainbows Are Too Beautiful.
  13. I’ve been reaching out to previous clients and scouring groups etc for opportunities Refined Prose.
  14. I have been doing blog maintenance, clearing off some of the broken links, and had a twitter clear out of none relevant people as well. Also been trying to get some prizes to use for competitions for my blog birthday in April.
  15. I look back at this time last year and remind myself that January is a quiet month and things soon turn around. I also use the quiet times to learn and develop my skills further, I have a new camera lens to play with today and a 3 armed tripod arriving tomorrow. This time next week I’ll be David Bailey Fab Food 4 All. 
  16. I write things that are just for me, update my spreadsheets for expenses and earnings if they are behind, check for broken links and organise my emails into files Someones Mum.
  17. January is the best time for planning posts for the year. Practically I also send a huge amount of emails out to contacts reminding them I exist Monkey and Mouse.
  18. I take the opportunity to audit my blog, update skills, cook up a batch of recipes to get ahead….and I get ill. Every time! Thinly Spread.
  19. If I’m free and at a loose end I message a couple of PR’s to say I’m heading into London and do they fancy a coffee, even if it’s to meet in their office for 10 minutes. It’s a great way of finding out about new projects which may be coming up and keeping in everyone’s minds Emmys Mummy.
  20. I’ve managed to earn more this January than I did in the whole of Q1 last year; I started the new year with a 10% discount pitch that I sent out to everyone I worked with last year and it really got the ball rolling Happy Mummy.
  21. I write all the posts that I’ve put on the back burner to do my paid stuff in the run-up to Christmas Pink Pear Bear.
  22. Catching up on my networks. Going to events, meeting people on spec, creating pitches, writing the fun posts that are about the story of my family, and tinkering with design.
  23. Build up my social media channels, engage more on Twitter rather than just link dump as this sparks new conversations and can raise visibility and bring new contacts to your inbox Emma and 3.

What have we missed? What else do you do to your blog when things are quiet? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Great tips. I have been updating keywords, looking for opportunities and my biggest task was weeding my social media accounts for inactive accounts or randoms that I don’t need to follow any more.

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