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My YouTube is a new monthly feature where we will shine a spotlight on one of our Vloggers.  Tots100 has grown from just recognising bloggers creating awesome content to also registering and championing vloggers and Instagrammers.  This month we have been chatting to Becky Goddard Hill who vlogs at Baby Budgeting.

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Why did you decide to start vlogging and what is your channel about?

I started vlogging, just a little and occasionally, years ago just to show off products I had reviewed really. Over time I realised that vlogging could be so much more than that and it slowly, very slowly became a part of how I shared things that interested me that a more conversational or visual style suited

My channel is an eclectic mix of all the things that motivates me and spans book reviews, thrifty living advice, conversational pieces, a focus on happiness, crafting, cooking and most centrally positive parenting and emotional wellbeing and children. It is certainly diverse. Clear playlist categories are my YouTube best friend!

Do you create branded vlogs and what tips can you give for others looking to monetise their channel?

I do create branded vlogs and have recently made Mocktails for Fentimans and a vlog for Toys R Us on how to get the best value form shopping there.

My advice to vloggers looking to monetise their channel is

  • Get your subscribers up! SA competition with subscription to YouTube as an entry requirement really helps,
  • Offer a vlog as part of the package when you are pitched a blog post
  • Organise your channel well into sectional playlist so you clearly show you talk about reviews/travel/food etc. so a brand can see how you are relevant to them. |It is hard to scrawl through lots of unrelated content.

Which vloggers do you enjoy watching and why?

I enjoy watching vloggers who clearly enjoy vlogging rather than anything that looks too stylised and formal and contrived.

I love to watch my old pal Penny Alexander vlog, she covers nature and travel and family life in her vlogs and she films beautifully – her vlogs always tell a story and she gives such a great sense of place. Just beautiful .  

I also really enjoy watching Elinor Hill ( Beach hut cook) cook up her simple and delicious recipes at her beach Hut. Oh how she makes me long for a beach Hut (and to be a better cook)

These 2 vloggers are both natural and simple in their videos and both are absolutely sincere. These are three qualities I really strive for in my vlogging.

What is your favourite vlog that you have filmed?

My own favourite video is one where I talk about my grandad and all that he taught me. The video quality is poor ( I had no clue really what I was doing) but I am speaking form the heart and I just loved that I had the opportunity to share his stories. I want to do many more story telling videos.

Which is your most popular vlog?

My most popular vlog is a Chatsters Gabby toy review. I find toy reviews do really well but I do not find them very easy to make as it stresses me out remembering all the product info! I am much better with off the cuff talking.

If you could collaborate with anyone on a vlog who would it be and what would it be about?

If I could collaborate with anyone on YouTube I would hop down the road to my neighbour Emily Leary’s house A Mummy Too and cook up a storm of veggie food ( in fact I plan to do this asap!) She’s utterly fabulous at YouTube and cooking and could teach me a trick or two I am sure. Must get this booked in!

There is space on YouTube for everyone and every style so my top advice would just be you and let who you are shine through what you do.


Emma Bradley is the editor of Tots100 and she also blogs at Emma and 3 and Mums Savvy Savings. Emma writes about a diverse range of topics from raising aspirations of girls to day trips and holidays with the family. The family includes her teacher husband, Chloe (16) Dylan (11) and Erin (6).

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