10 New Blogs on the Block to Check Out This November



One of the best parts of being editor of Tots100 is that I have to read blogs! This leads us to find the new gems, those that write with such honesty that you have to start at the beginning and read everything they have shared online.  Blogging is still being taken up by many writers each month. Whether they are writing to entertain, to promote a cause or just to have something to empty their head, blogging is growing rapidly.  

We know that it can be difficult to find new blogs and therefore each month we are doing a round up of ten new blogs that have registered with Tots100.  We hope that this showcases the new blogs and helps them grow their audience.  Do take some time to read and interact with those we have highlighted this November.

  • Mamma’s School This lovely blog is written by an Ex-Pat living in Sweden.  Sonia explains that they are an outdoor family, and love being immersed in the outdoors and nature.  The aim of the blog is to help others to connect with nature and the outdoors, provide inspiration for outdoor adventures and learning and educate others why the outdoors and nature is so important.
  • Same Person Different Me is written by a truly brave mummy.  The blog is a few years old and shares the hell of losing a child.  Millie died in a choking accident at nursery and since then they have gone on to have their rainbow baby and are currently pregnant again. The blog shares family life and the ups and downs they experience. 
  • Mummy of Four is a parenting blog sharing parenting tips and tricks of four children. They review products between sharing their daily lives. Recent posts include ‘How to pack a baby changing bag’.
  • New Generation Parenting is a holistic and intrinsically tailor-made approach to parenting. It aims to consider the multi-faceted needs of all family members involved. It also appreciates that we are never static or fixed, and neither are our ideas or viewpoints. This blog contains stunning imagery and posts including How to encourage emotional intelligence in children. This is a truly inspirational blog in which you can immerse yourself with.

  • Running After Five tells the adventures of mum Clare who is also mum to five children.  Clare loves running and uses her space on the internet to share their days out.  The family enjoys travelling although claims that it’s never without things going wrong! 
  • Mother Tongue Notes tells the tale and family life of Andrea who is Portuguese and married to a Brit. They live in London, UK, with daughters and Jack Russell dog, Houdini, who is very clever and understands both languages. They are raising their girls with the gift of bilingualism.
  • Emotional Mummy caught our eye for its raw honesty.  It shares the story of love, loss and living in her own words.  The blog promises Real mum – Real feelings – Real moments.
  • Mighty Mama Bear doesn’t believe in sugar coating parenthood. Instead, she believes in empowering other mums and finding strength through solidarity. As we know there are many delights in having children, but also so many struggles and difficulties. Mama Bear will be busting the myth and sharing her view of parenting.
  • Mother Gets Lippy is written to reach out to parents who are having a rough time. She has a child with additional needs and is there to support and share the trials and tribulations. We enjoyed her lively writing style and it keeps us wanting more.

Do go and find these bloggers on Twitter and see what else they have been getting up to.  If you have spotted any newer blogs do let us know in the comments and don’t keep the good ones to yourself! 

Emma Bradley is the editor of Tots100 and she also blogs at Emma and 3 and Mums Savvy Savings. Emma writes about a diverse range of topics from raising aspirations of girls to day trips and holidays with the family. The family includes her teacher husband, Chloe (16) Dylan (11) and Erin (6).

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