14 Awesome Plugins You Need To Make Blogging Easier


Many bloggers choose to use a Self-Hosted blog  to give them more control over their website. However this also means that you are responsible for maintaining the back end of the site.  Plugin’s allow the blogger to personalise and customise their blog to their exact specification.  

There are so many plugin’s available though, that it can be a minefield to know what ones are the best for your needs.  We asked our Tots100 bloggers which plugin’s they really rate and which ones make blogging easier.  

Why go self-hosted?

Having a self-hosted blog gives you complete control over your site.

  • You can choose which, and if any ads to show. WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to display affiliate links or ads of your own.
  • You have access to a much greater range of themes and plugins, which can also be customised if you wish.
  • Self-hosted sites often look more professional, because you can really make it your own and stand out from others.
  • Being self-hosted doesn’t mean you need to be highly skilled, as with WordPress.com and Blogger you can still use templates and plugins to easily achieve the look and feel you want on your site. You can do as much or as little customisation as you want, but the option is there should you want it, whereas free blogging platforms have limitations.

What Plugins do I need?

  • Mailchimp – you have GOT TO build that list, as you own it, so if everything else goes south, at least you’ve got that! Kiddy Charts
  • Jet pack is handy for a quick squizz at stats.Northern Mum.
  • I love the editorial calendar plugin. Makes scheduling much easier! misspond.com
  • 100% Yoast for ensuring I am optimising SEO as much as possible My Tunbridgewells
  •  Drafts for friends is great for sending over posts to brands/PRs for approval. They can see the post exactly as it will look on your blog. Just remember to change the date to something realistic to give them enough time to view it. I make visable for 14 days Emmys mummy
  • Sumo. I great plugin that lets you choose your social sharing buttons on each post or page and keeps a sharing count, great for social proof Savings 4 Savvy Mums.
  • Smush for compressing photos Then I Became Mum.
  •  I love Akismet for keeping out spam comments Katy Kicker.
  • Google analytics plug in. It pulll in stats to your WordPress dashboard Life loving
  • No follow, follow plugin which shows a green tick box  Travel Loving Family.
  • I paid for social warfare a few weeks back and I’m really glad I did, it allows me to easily see which posts are doing the best on social media and I can set what image people can pin so they only get the one I want on Pinterest Crafts on sea
  •  I love the Public Post Review, makes it so easy to send previews across to PRs with just one click Champagne and Petals.
  • WP-Optimize to keep your database running quickly and slim, iThemes Security to tighten up security and Heartbeat Control to lower server resources use Mama Geek
  •  For security: Limit Log Attempts (does what it says) & Wordfence. Wordfence protects against hacks by blocking attacks based on known and constantly updated attack patterns & provides info on vulnerable plugins Hello It’s Gemma.

Have we missed out your top plugin?  Do let us know in the comments below as we are all looking for ways to blog easier.

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