Blogger of the Month: Becky from Cuddle Fairy


Spetember’s Blogger of the Month is Becky from Cuddle Fairy. Becky writes a parenting  and lifestyle blog that is all about positivity! She aims for a healthy lifestyle full of good food, travel and family fun. There’s positivity around every corner! Read posts about positive parenting or peruse recipes.  Becky is regularly in the top 20 of the Tots100 charts which demonstrates how she has impacted on the blogging community.  We asked Becky a few questions on how she has built up her blog.

What are your top three blogging tips?

  •  Get involved with the blogging community. The community has helped me so many times! As a new blogger and even now a few years later, I ask questions of more experienced bloggers. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I’m always happy to answer questions too so don’t feel afraid to reach out. It’s also a great way to make blogger buddies. Join Facebook groups and linkys to get to know other bloggers and to read their blogs and for them to read yours.
  •  Be chatty on Twitter. Everyone’s on Twitter and it’s a great place to interact with both bloggers and brands. No need to be shy – put yourself out there. RT, reply and get into the conversation. You can make blogger friends and brand connections that way. To keep track you can set up secret lists on Twitter that just you can see.
  • Reply courteously to all emails. I have a word document with email replies I have written that I copy & paste as replies – not to every email I receive but for most a standard reply works. So it doesn’t take that much time to always reply. I’ve found replying courteously has been a great advantage too. There have been times I’ve wanted to rant in an email but I don’t. And a few times that same pr has come back to me in the future with better offers which I’m sure they wouldn’t have if I had ranted away.

What are your blogging plans for the next six months?

I am focusing on my Instagram and YouTube channels at the moment. I find it easiest to focus on a network or two at a time. So I am busy making videos which I will continue to do. Besides that, it’s business as usual. I write a mix of blogs about my life here in the West of Ireland and reviews. I have a few possible travel plans coming up which if they go ahead will be covered on my blog too!

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in March 2015. So Cuddle Fairy is 2.5 years old now! On the one hand it feels like I’ve been blogging forever & on the other hand, it still feels quite new. I started blogging because I felt like I had lost my voice. As a stay at home mom of 3, I wasn’t interacting with people and I started to feel like I had lost myself, what I love, what I do, who I am deep down, besides being a mom. My blog has given all of that back to me. It’s an amazing creative outlet and it’s also social. I interact with fellow bloggers every day! It’s an opportunity to work with brands, earn money, travel and so much more.

What are three of your best posts from the past year?

  • One of my earliest blog posts was one about my daughter’s hip dysplasia. She was put into a brace at 4 months old. It was a really traumatic time for her and for me too. I wrote a blog post about that & a few follow-up posts. I’m happy to say her hips are perfect and we were discharged from seeing the doctor now. Every now and then I get messages from moms whose child has hip dysplasia, and they found one of my posts online. They just want to reach out to someone who knows what it’s like. It’s a real honor anytime I get a message like that and it makes me really glad that I put my story out there. This is the final follow up post I wroteOur Days at Crumlin Hospital
  • We took a family road trip back in May. I organised 4 places to stay through my blog. It was so much fun. I put together a compilation post and video of our full trip which you can see here West Cork to Waterford
  • I love to share positive quotes on my blog and social media. I recently wrote a post about taking care of your inner voice. The comments I received on the post and on social media were amazing. So many people felt touched by the quotes and realized that their inner voice wasn’t supportive and they saw something that they wanted to change. I felt really happy to read the wonderful comments on this post Nuture your inner voice.
Which blogs do you love to read?
This is an impossible question to answer. I read 30+ blogs every week and love the diversity of them all! My top three favorites would be Mudpie Fridays, My Random Musings and One Yummy Mummy. I couldn’t narrow it down any further than that!

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  1. Congratulation on being the blogger of the month! Very well deserved. I love reading your posts and I enjoyed this piece – it was fun finding out a bit more about you! Thanks so much for the mention too!

  2. Congratulations Becky this is really truly deserved. I still can not believe the community that blogging brings, so glad to have found your blog I love your positivity and the brilliant youtube videos xx

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