Easy Ways to Make Money Online


easy ways to make money online

Many bloggers are looking for easy ways to make money online.  Whether your blog is your income or your hobby many of us like to make some additional income.  When I was still teaching I paid for a holiday to Disneyworld, Florida and that helped convince me that I could earn a good living working online.  Katy who blogs at Katy Kicker is similar. Katykicker started because she was making money online and people wanted to know how. In this guest post Katy shares easy ways to make money online.  You  can follow Katy on Twitter.

Back in March 2013 I quit my job. Just like that. On a whim. I rang my husband after a rubbish day at work and he suggested I leave. I hadn’t been enjoying my job and was pretty miserable really. A number of health problems meant that I was having lots of sick days, having disciplinary meetings and just limping along at work. I wasn’t happy, I was letting people down and I wasn’t looking after my health in the process with all the stress. I quit that day and I have never looked back! I have been self-employed since and now I am in the fortunate position to be making a full-time income – from home.

I have a vast array of different ways that I make money from home. Whether you call them online money making, side hustles or something else they will all result in more cash in your pocket. I actually started my blog solely to record the ways that I was making money online. Initially I started out with paid surveys and over time I have progressed to bigger and better ways. Diversity is key for me. I am someone who gets bored easily. My day is usually filled with a wide variety of different money making ventures – all while looking after my daughter Daisy, born in March 2016. Here are my favourite ways to make money online:

Paid Surveys

This would be where I first cut my teeth in the online money making World. Paid surveys are the marmite of the online World. Either you love them or you hate them. Personally I love them. I’ve had a vast array of products to test over the years (free), I’ve been invited to well paid focus groups and online panels. Some of these pay £100 or more for just 5-10 minutes work daily for a fortnight. Paid surveys can vary hugely in payment depending on the companies you sign up with. Personally I don’t have a lot of time for paid surveys now so I stick to the higher paying websites or the ones where I enjoy completing the surveys. If you have a lot of free time at home, or are looking for a little money to treat your family, then paid surveys can be worth a try. My friends call me a survey queen I love them so much! Over the years I have possibly tried every single well known UK paid survey company. I have stopped using a number over the years, as I have learned where the best payments are.

Mystery Shopping

Fancy getting yourself a free lunch? What about shopping in high street stores and getting paid for it? This is possible with mystery shopping! While the fees are not always large it is a great chance to earn yourself a few pounds and bag a free lunch, dinner or purchase from a high street store. You receive reimbursement for buying specific items from the menu or items from a specific department within a store. There are a wide variety of brands that work with mystery shopping companies. I’ve stuck to just a few tried and tested mystery shopping companies myself because I’m short on time but I often get opportunities in my town. The assignments on offer are varied and I’ve seen everything from cinemas to holidays over the years!

Get Paid to Websites

These websites will pay you to complete various tasks. They may want you to sign up to a newsletter, complete a paid survey, search the internet for a phrase or download and play a free game on your mobile phone. There are a wide variety of get paid to websites and each of them have lots of offers available. You can earn cashback on purchases, get paid to search the web and even for running an application on your mobile phone when you’re not using it.

Paid tasking apps

Much like get paid to websites you get paid for completing a task. The tasks on paid tasking apps are varied. You may be required to draw a box around an item in a photograph. A company may want you to help them categorise reviews for their website. Paid tasking apps are convenient as you can complete just one job and put your phone back down. Some jobs can take just a few seconds. If you commute to work, or spend a lot of time on your phone, then paid tasking apps could bring you £100s extra a month. During my best weeks I have made £200+ in short bursts throughout the working day. The work can come in fits and starts here but there are various tasks and such apps are becoming more popular now.

Affiliate Marketing

Personally this was one of my best ways of boosting my income in the last year. I have had my blog for two years now and I make money in a variety of ways. Affiliate marketing typically involves displaying a banner on your website, a clickable link or perhaps an advert within your posts. People are used to seeing advertising on websites so for the most part readers of blogs don’t seem phased by advertising. It is also possible to share links on social media (clearly marked!) to help earn a revenue from friends, family and followers. When I shared a link to a dairy free cookbook on a Facebook page in late 2016 I received more than 3,000 clicks to Amazon – on Black Friday! This was a very lucrative decision for me and I was helping other people find a bargain in the process.

In addition to online money making I have a variety of ways that I save money too. I love to create recipes, keep a tight rein on the family purse strings and avoid overspending on groceries. Every pound that you save is another one in your pocket. If you can combine money making with money saving then you could improve your household finances dramatically with just a small amount of work. While my blog has diversified over time money making and money saving are still on my agenda regularly. I even have a great post, updated regularly, full of all my favourite ways to make and save money on the internet.

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