10 Reasons We’re Psyched for the #MadBlogAwards (and you can be there)


mad blog awards tickets

Check out these gorgeous bloggers. Don’t they look excited?

Rootin’ tootin’ they are. They’re at the MAD Blog Awards, the buzziest, funniest, most glamorous awards EVER. You know, except for the Oscars, and suchlike.

We asked the 2016 MAD Blog Awards finalists what they’re most excited about for this year’s awards – which are happening in a little over two weeks. Read on to see what they said – and find out how YOU could be there for this year’s awards, sipping on a glass of bubbly, enjoying some fantabulous food, and cheering on your favourite bloggers.

What are you most looking forward to at the MAD Blog Awards?

“It’s a night out for me and my wife without the kids. So in that respect, I’ve already won.” Sam, Sam Avery

I’m especially looking forward to playing it cool when in honesty I’ll be getting a bit fan-girl about meeting some of my favourite bloggers. Just being a part of something which I’ve always thought  looked so much fun and so inspiring is really exciting.” Elizabeth, The Sun Will Come Up

“The free bar. There is a free bar,  right?” Jamie, A Day in the Life Dad

“The fun, laughter, company and food. I also feel grateful that the finalists in my category are such a friendly bunch – I love these girls!” Mel, Coin de Mel

“Getting an excuse to get dolled up and have a grown up night out with so many of the lovely bloggers who have become my real friends over the years.” Lucy, Dear Beautiful

“Making new friends, and spending an evening in a room full of people who get exactly why I love blogging – and why I’m taking a picture of my pudding!” Carie, Space for Butterflies

“I’m keen to meet all the other bloggers as I want to know their experiences and also how they make their blogs look so professional. I’m still in blogspot’s default orange mode. I also am crossing everything that Unmumsy Mum will be there. I love her and meeting her is on my bucket list. She won best writer last year so I’m hoping she’s here to hand out awards. I will then trapped her somewhere and make her be my friend.”  Heidi, Storm in a Tit Cup

“I’m looking forward to getting dressed up and sitting somewhere that doesn’t have crayons on the table or high chairs stacked in the corner!” Olive, Olive Oyl Navy Wife

“I cannot wait to meet people! I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while, and because we’ve been living abroad and travelling I’ve not met many of my parenting blogger friends.” Maria, One Tiny Leap

“A few gins and giggles with some lovely people and talented writers. And gin.” Helen, Just a Normal Mummy

Join us at the 2016 MAD Blog Awards

Every year, we offer some of the bloggers in our community to join us at the fab MAD Blog Awards ceremony. This year, we’re returning to the The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, and the festivities take place on September 16.

Ticket Winners:

Congrats to our ticket winners, we’ll be in touch very soon with details of how you can claim your ticket to this year’s MAD Blog Awards!

  • Maria Hyrapiet
  • Hannah Shaw
  • Kirsty Hornblow
  • Steph Curtis
  • Rachel Buchanan
  • Jenny Lord
  • Sam Wills
  • Amy Cooper
  • Tanya Hindes
  • Afra Willmore
  • Bonita Turner
  • Julie Evans
  • Clare Littler
  • Hannah Clarke
  • Jill Cook
  • Joanne Brady
  • Hannah Wing
  • Penelope Reader
  • Helena Blakemore
  • Renee Davis
  • Cassie Mayers
  • Lizzie Roles
  • Eilidh Gallagher
  • Deborah Nicholas
  • Jo Laybourn
  • Lizzie Grover
  • Sarah Lawton
  • Talya Stone
  • Karen Reekie
  • Natalie Butcher
  • Caro Davies
  • Leigh Kendall
  • Nadia Koch
  • Laura Light
  • San King
  • Claire Toplis
  • Sara-Jayne Jones
  • Vicky Hall-Newman
  • Jeannette Cripps
  • Heidi Roberts
  • Swazi Rodgers
  • Rachel Palmer
  • Jessamine Hislop
  • Stacey Nunwa
  • Suzanne Whelan


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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