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This month we are popping into the home of Jess from Mummy of Boy Girl Twins Harry & Lottie, who are 3-and-a-half years old.  They both happily came into the world after x3 rounds of IVF.  Jess is married to her lovely Hubby and they all live together in Worcestershire. Jess shares posts about parenting, interiors, fashion and women’s lifestyle. And she is obsessed with photography.

The Family: Me, Dave, Harry & Lottie (twins aged 3.5 yrs old)
The Home: New-build home.
Top Tip: Paint your walls white – honestly, it makes your home feel so bright and you can add colour in via decorative accessories. Plus, if you get bored (like I do a lot) you can change your colour scheme regularly without needing to redecorate! It doesn’t get any dirtier than other colours (such as cream or light grey) and it really makes a space feels larger too.


What was the house like when you moved in?

It is a new-build property so it was totally brand new! Really clean, light and bright with all the appliances brand new and never before used. It was the cleanest oven I have ever seen! I have never lived in a new-build home before and so it was a nice surprise to have the home so fresh looking and clean when we moved in!

Have you done any major work since moving in, and if so, what?

Not really, apart from little projects such as putting up photographs, prints, shelves blinds and curtains. One of the main reasons that we moved into a new-build home this time around is because the last two properties we owned needed so much renovation and DIY that we were a little tired of it. Plus the twins are still so little and we just wanted to enjoy family life rather than working hard every weekend on the house.

IMG_9774-1600x1067 (2)

Are you a DIY person or do you prefer to get someone in?

We have always done our own DIY – we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty or get stuck in. My husband is becoming quite proficient at DIY now! But for anything highly specialised we do get tradespeople in.

What’s your favourite space in your home and why?

The kitchen / diner is the heart of our home; we spend so much time in it as a family and we love being in the space. We can cook and eat food together and the children can play. We can also open the french doors and they can play in the garden. It really is such a multi-functional space – very practical too. I also love the playroom and my new office too!


Where do you blog?

I have an office downstairs, which has made a big difference to how I work. I can now get some of my own creative space and I love it. I can be working away whilst the family are at home and they don’t disturb me too much, plus I can close the door when I am finished at night. It really has transformed how I work.


What do you love most about your home?

How much space we now have. With this house move we have scarified character for space this time around but I don’t mind at all; it has enriched the way we live as a modern family. We have so much room to spread out and live together. Plus it feels so light and bright.


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