Looking for a giggle? Then you need to be reading these nine funny blogs



When you want a giggle there are some bloggers that you can always turn to. These bloggers have us snorting whilst drinking our coffee, they make us wee a little when we are reading blogs in the evening whilst the husband watches the football and they are the ones we see being shared on social media. These writers just get it right time and time again.

  • Eeh Bah Mum writes about life as it really is, as this post Shit they don’t tell you about starting school demonstrates.
  • Agent Spitback is a fictional narrative (on all things woman/mother/wife/daughter/friend) based loosely on events and people everyone talks about on Facebook. With posts like My daughter wants a penis we keep coming back for more.
  • Hurrah for Gin and her hilarious doodles are often in our timelines as mums everywhere share Katie’s posts So F*cking what if I dress like a mum made me giggle for hours.
  • DD’s Diary is described as Wife to one, mother to two, stepmother to two more, cat-owner, cake baker, cosmetics fan, chocolate consumer and Chardonnay devotee. Her tales and observations always raise a smile especially in posts like One small step.
  • Northernmum regales us with anecdotes from her three thrill seeking children.  Between them they have more health conditions than is socially acceptable for one family but there spirit always shines through.  Jane writes comically about their adventures with posts like Confessions: I am the that …
  • Right Royal Mother is an outlet for three things: writing, discussing the Duchess of Cambridge (escapism) and parenting. Each post is inspired by something the media has reported on and how it translates to ‘ordinary’ parents. It is almost all fictional*. Polly’s posts are always topical and bang on point – just like this post A Very Sappy Birthday To The Queen.
  • Brummy Mummy of Two uses her little space on the internet to document the highs of being a Mum but also a lot of the time I moan about the lows (tantrums, being a crap wife and struggling with every day issues). Recent funny posts includes 5 stages of clothes shopping.
  • Rhyming with Wine is an ongoing collection of rhymes about the general silliness of  family life.  Most of them are intended to share a giggle and posts like A mummy bloggers guilt.
  • Wry Mummy so much of parenting can only be greeted with one response: a wry smile. The cereal bowl all over the floor again? An emergency yell from a distant child just as you finally sit down for a wee? You can’t exactly raise a laugh, but it’s not worth a weep – hence Wry Mummy.  We giggle when we read posts like To three or not to three: What you should know before having a third baby.

Which funny bloggers do you enjoy reading, do let us know in the comments.


Nine funny blogs you should be reading



Emma Bradley is the editor of Tots100 and she also blogs at Emma and 3 and Mums Savvy Savings. Emma writes about a diverse range of topics from raising aspirations of girls to day trips and holidays with the family. The family includes her teacher husband, Chloe (16) Dylan (11) and Erin (6).

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  1. Oh my word! Is my name actually up there? In the same post as these other amazing bloggers? (That I’m actually a bit in awe of!) This had just made my day! Thanks so much for the mention! *does a happy dance and runs to cupboard to forage for cake* :0)

  2. Oh so many funny blogs. I love all of these. They are just fab and always make me chuckle. I also really love prabs from absolutelyprabulous, she always makes me laugh and also makes me shout eeeks rather a lot when I read her blog 🙂

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