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What Is A Natural Mother Exactly

Last week a friend of mine told me that she “just isn’t a natural mother” and it got me thinking, what is anatural mother exactly?

The reason this comment got me thinking is because in all honesty her daughter is one of the nicest children I know. I mean sure she can be a handful at times, but she’s a determined toddler finding her feet and that isn’t a bad thing. Generally she is a wonderful little girl, full of character and the reason for this is because her mother is actually a very good Mum. So it baffled me a bit that she thought otherwise. Read more from Our Fairytale Adventure here


It’s Not Just Hair

Everyday on this journey, since cancer has entered our lives, I’m learning.

Learning how to cope, how to juggle, how to adapt.

Learning about the side affects of the drug that is trying to save the person I love.

Learning that I’ve been wrong.

I always felt empathy with cancer patients whose hair fell out.

That is was such a shame, a knock of confidence for women, something men could just get on with.

In the grand scheme of things really this was the last thing that people should worry about, when there is so much more going on. Read more from Diary Of A Fat bottomed Girl here.


An Apology To My Autistic Students

I’m sorry. I am a good human being – a good teacher, I think. I listen, I learn, I strive to be better. I know it is a great responsibility to shape young minds, young opinions. I thought I knew what it means to teach a pupil with autism. But experience has given me something knowledge never could and I am sorry; now I begin to understand.

Before I was the mother to my son – my son who I now know is autistic – I thought you might struggle to imagine as vividly as others. Read more from Someone’s Mum here.



On Becoming A Stay At Home Mum

It’s official: I’m not going back to work after my maternity leave.

I handed in my notice a week ago and, every night since then, I’ve sat down and tried to figure out what I wanted to say about it.

It feels like it should be a huge thing in my life – I’m going from being a PR professional to a stay-at-home parent; that’s a big change.

It definitely feels like there should be a blog post in it. The internet is littered with opinion pieces about whether or not women (never men) can or should have it all, whether or not working mothers (never fathers) are selfish, whether or not stay-at-home mothers (never fathers) are spoiled – I feel like I should have something of my own to say. Read more from Sarah Rooftops here.


At 11 years of age, The Boy is my youngest child. Knowing that I have two teenage daughters, his friends’ parents often ask my advice with regard to their latest parenting dilemma. By far the most popular question asked, is this:


If you thought it was all about Facebook…think again! Right now, Instagram is where it’s at for tweens and young teens (Snapchat too but that comes further down the line). For those still in blissful ignorance, Instagram is a photo-based social media platform where you can follow people whose photographs you are interested in – famous or otherwise – and in turn, people follow you. Sounds pretty innocent doesn’t it? Read more Three Children And It here

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