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Welcome back to #TotsGoodReads, today we have a diverse selection for you to enjoy, therefore grab a coffee, put your feet and take ten minutes to have a good read.  Tots100 is successful because we are a community and as such we really want you to keep highlighting your favourite posts. These could be posts that you write but also the ones that you read and find yourself thinking about.  If they touch you they will resonate with others so when you enjoy a post or think it has an important message do tag us on Twitter here using #TotsGoodReads or email me, Emma@fleaenterprises.com.

Why it’s not ok to laugh it off

This morning I heard the news story about cricketer Chris Gayle being fined £10,000 for asking out sports reporter Mel McLaughlin during a post match TV interview. I’m going to be honest. My first reaction, knowing nothing about the news item other than those facts,  not having seen the footage or heard anyone else’s bias, was “Woah, that seems a bit steep”. That reaction, shared by many, is why I am writing this post.

On further investigation, having watched the footage, I realised how wrong I was. The footage shows a person trying to do her job, on national TV, being reduced to sex object. She asks a serious question about the match and he responds by complimenting on her eyes, telling her “don’t blush baby” and asking her out for a drink. In the background you can hear cackles of laughter from her colleagues in the gallery. She understandably looks extremely uncomfortable and ends the interview abruptly. Read more from Mrs Helicopter Writes here.

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It was a post on Facebook that caught my eye. Fellow blogger and fellow mum-of-teen-son-facing-GCSEs-in-the-not-too-distant-future, Kate of Striking Mum, wrote that she was worried that her son wouldn’t get the GCSE results he was capable of due to his handwriting.

She could have been writing about my son.

I have battled those same concerns for nearly 10 years now.

My son’s handwriting was first highlighted as a problem by his year 1 teacher. She was concerned he wouldn’t do well in his SATs. He was 5 years old, for flip’s sake! I thought she was worrying unnecessarily.

But things didn’t improve. Read more from Mum of three world here.

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Spoof School Newsletter

Dear Parent or Guardian,

It’s been another fine week at HodgePodgeDays County Primary, we have lots of news to share with you, so please do read to the end. Don’t just scan it, sigh, say “another non-uniform day”, tut and then put this in the bin.


As this is the start of term we have some spaces available in the following after school clubs. See Mrs Meh to reserve a place for your gifted and talented child.

Beginners Dressage – Mondays
Intermediate Quinoa – Tuesdays
Introduction to contouring – Wednesdays
Harpsichord (all levels) – Thursdays
Gilet styling – Alternate Fridays Read more from Hodge Podge Days here.


International kiss a ginger day

This morning I woke up to Facebook telling me it was International Kiss A Ginger Day. This day has apparently been created to stop ginger people being bullied and abused by society and instead to show Ginger people some love.

Now, as a redhead, and one that was bullied relentlessly throughout my teenage years, how am I meant to feel about this day?

I could feel proud that us ginger people have our very own day. A day where we can be talked about, shared across social media and sent tweets and text messages giving us metaphorical kisses. But International Kiss A Ginger Day doesn’t make me feel proud, not in the slightest. Read more from What the Redhead said here.


Blogging when you have nothing to write

It is funny that I am writing this at all considering the title. But actually just admitting to myself that I have nothing to say has led me to think quite a bit and thinking gets me to writing. You see, I have been doing a lot of blog soul searching over the Christmas holidays when I took time off to be present with my family. I came back feeling a sense of excitement for my blog, having a fresh look with a new header and headshot for my social media platforms. I edited my categories, gave them new names and mixed up the titles of a few old posts. I felt happy.

However, when it came to sitting down and knowing what to write I was stumped. I have been stuck in a never ending cycle of reviews and sponsored posts- which, don’t get me wrong, still have a place on my blog if appropriate. But what do I write about if I have nothing to review? No input from a PR company? Read more from What Katy Said here.


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