Colposcopy, naughty lists and why we turn to biscuits.



The end of another busy week brings time to grab a coffee and read some of the blogs that have caught our attention over the past few days.  Today we are sharing #TotsGoodReads number 17.  Tots Good Reads is a chance to celebrate those who make us laugh, cry, nod our head in agreement and to champion those who inspire us. To be included do tag us on Twitter @Tots100 or email me

22 reasons to eat a biscuit

There are lots of reasons so eat biscuits, or chocolate, or cake I thought I would share a few of the reasons why I have eaten a biscuit (or two recently)… Now I am not greedy but I feel that these are all incredibly valid reasons for eating a biscuit or chocolate or cake! 22 perfectly acceptable reasons to eat a biscuit… Read more from Odd Socks and lollipops here


Is Janet Street Porter right to want child free restaurants

I’ve just read an article by Janet Street Porter

So, as a mummy, what do I think? This might be controversial but I think she has some excellent points, and, I wonder if I’m just a more considerate parent than others. Did she write it to incite an uproar from mumsnet and netmums? Who knows, but I’m sure there are many child free adults who’ll agree with her. Am I one of the few mummies who actually agrees with some of her points? Read more from New Mummy Blog here.

Colposcopy -Medical porno gone wrong

Tomorrow I’m off to hospital for the third consecutive November in a row for a repeat smear and colposcopy. Anyone who is lucky enough not to know what that is – it’s basically a more intrusive smear test inwhich the highlight is usually someone referring to your cervix as “thick and juicy” whilst squirting a load of dye up your vagina as you lay there legs akimbo… Oh and they have a camera right up there to capture all the action, which you can’t help but stare at on the massive screen right next to your face and admire your “thick and juicy” cervix; in summary, it’s like a weird painful medical porno gone badly wrong.

But it’s important. Read more from Twinderelmo here


Breathing In The Autumn Air

With autumn almost over and the colder, darker nights well and truly upon us, I thought I’d write a wee update about my favourite season. What do I love about autumn? The colours are vibrant, bright and rich, in red, copper, bronze, yellow and browns. Painting a beautiful picture among the trees.  The bright sun rays, lighting up the sky. Breathing in the autumn frozen air; crisp, cold and fresh. The mist swirling at the edges and a nip in the world around you. Read more Susan K Mann here.


Naughty or nice? let’s stop labelling children

Did you know that if your child is called Leah or James, they’re more likely to be badly behaved than if your child is called Grace or Oliver? Yep, thanks to new research available today, we now know which are the ‘naughty’ names and which are the ‘nice’ names – a very hot topic, I’m sure you’ll agree, what with Christmas coming up and Father Christmas busy working out which children are on his naughty list and will be receiving a nice lump of coal on December 25th. Read more from Not Another Mummy Blog here.





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