Tots Good Reads #4



We are well in the swing of our new series ‘Tots Good Reads’ and the team are loving reading your posts, including the ones that are now being tagged on twitter under #TotsGoodReads. We have such an amazingly talented parenting blog community and you can guarantee that there will be at least a few posts a day that make us laugh, cry or nod our heads furiously in agreement.

Today we are happy to welcome Hannah from Make Do and Push who is guest posting for us with her favourite posts of the last few weeks. Hannah is well in the midst of a newborn and baby bubble, having had her gorgeous son just 12 weeks ago, so she has kindly shared with us five of her favourite posts about the wonderful world of babies. Thanks so much for writing for us Hannah and over to you…



Having just given birth to my second child, “Indy”, in June this year, I’m really enjoying reading about fellow Bloggers who are in the same boat with a newborn – a lot of us seem to be on our second, third or even fourth babies, so it’s been fascinating reading how they’re getting on as well!

The Parent Crap

Someone who is on their first baby is Robyn, who blogs at The Parent Crap. Her posts are so funny and relatable, and I sit and nod along to each one in agreement. I really enjoyed 23 things I never did before I had a baby, which had me giggling and pulling my Husband over for a read too.

Toby Goes Bananas

Sarah from Toby Goes Bananas had her second child, baby Gabriel, in August this year, and is my fellow home birth buddy! Sarah and I are in a similar position with a toddler and a newborn, and I found her post Gabriel is One Week such a touching read, that I totally related to.

Family Fever

Another Blogger I’ve been stalking following with interest is Kate from Family Fever as she was due with her fourth child, Eliza, on the same day Indy was due. Eliza arrived on the planet early, and I’ve been enjoying her updates over the past 12 weeks. I found Kate’s post Finding it Hard, a very honest and emotional read, and I’m sure so many new mamas completely understand where she’s coming from.

Mama P and Little Me

Huge kudos to Mama P from Mama P and Little Me for surviving her first month as a mama with two children under two! I found her post My first month as a Mum of two under two fascinating, and it’s jam-packed full of very useful advice and top tips!

Emily and Indiana

Finally, if you’re like me and love a bit of #babyspam, check out Emily’s blog: Emily and Indiana. She’s recently given birth to the gorgeous Parker, and I really loved her post Parker’s 1 month update, which is full of beautiful pictures of her little man! She also talks about how he’s slept through the night a few times now, so I’ll be asking her to share her top tips with me!!


Thanks Hannah for sharing your #TotsGoodReads. Who else loves a bit of baby talk? It’s enough to make us broody! Be sure to go and check out Hannah’s gorgeous and stylish blog Make Do and Push and follow her on twitter and instagram too.


Every day of the week, Good Reads brings you the best and brightest content from Tots100, the UK parent blog network. Our community of more than 7,500 parent bloggers have a combined monthly audience of more than 10m readers, writing about everything from parenting to politics, food and fashion.

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