Five Blogs ‘Keeping it Real’ when it comes to Parenting



We all love reading blogs for different reasons. Some days we may feel like looking at a blog with beautiful photography that makes us smile, or read a blog that helps us create an amazing recipe to bake with our children. Some days motherhood can be tough and we want a little bit of a release- just to be able to laugh and realise that actually even though our little terrors are driving us mad, we still are incredibly lucky.

For our Fresh Five this week we have Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two telling us all about five blogs that she loves when it comes to ‘keeping it real’. If you haven’t checked out Emma’s blog before then where have you been? She writes some laugh out loud motherhood posts that make you glad you are not the only one, and her weekly linky ‘Wicked Wednesdays‘, highlighting the best and funniest bits of family life is hugely popular, even featuring in the national press.

Over to Emma…

There are some blogs that show the amazing bits of motherhood. With glorious photos of smiling children, beautiful interiors and amazing crafts. Then? There are those that give a bit more of a glimpse into the ‘real’ side of being a Mum, whilst having a giggle at the same time. These five talented writers provide women all over the world with smiles when they are having one of those days full of tantrums and tears.

Katie is a mother of two boys whose creativity mades me jealous on a daily basis. She cleverly uses stick characters to enhance her writing and you will often see her pop up on Facebook as her loyal fans share her hilarious blogs posts. She has since turned her hand to producing cards under the guise of Gin Bunny Prints. One of my favourite posts from Katie is: Seven Stages of Sleep Deprivation

Former TV Producer Kirsty’s blog is not for the faint hearted. With more than the odd swear word, her posts have been shared in National newspapers and on the popular American site ‘Scary Mommy’. She is currently in the process of writing a book based on her down to earth look at being a Mother which is due out in Autumn. This great post was featured on The Huffington Post front page: Why Both Bad Mum and Perfect Mum Can F*Ck Off .

Award winning blogger Helen is mother to a toddler and a new baby, which as you can imagine is providing her with a lot more content. Mixed in amongst blog posts are poems and letters sometimes written in the voice of her baby son or beautiful curly haired daughter. Gin is mentioned. A lot. An example of a fab poem from Helen is: The #Mummyweek In Verse.

Jess is a Mum to three boys and whilst her blog may not be the most sweary out of the bunch her look at every day life is brilliant. From fights over DIY to how to deal with your son getting something stuck up their nose. She tackles every eventuality with humour. And Prosecco. Lots of Prosecco. Here Jess offers advice on how to get a bit of Lego out of your son’s nose.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock it is impossible not to have noticed the meteoric rise to fame of Sarah who writes about her two young sons. Whilst her writing may not be to everyone’s taste her 115,000 Facebook fans disagree. This is another blogger who has a achieved the dream of a book deal, which is out next year and is already proving popular on Amazon. This post of Sarah’s was featured in The Mirror: And Open Letter To The Mum With The Red Coat.


Thanks Emma! These blogs make us laugh out loud on a daily basis. Do you have any others you go to for a daily dose of ‘realism’? 

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  1. Oh stop you will make me cry! I am feeling a bit emotional and shaky after 4 hours sleep and too much coffee but I really do love you babs xxx

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