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Today’s Fresh Five is from Victoria at Ve Vi Vos – Verily Victoria Vocalises. She runs a link up every week called Post Comment Love and it is through this that she finds so many great new reads. There are some funny, some informative, some creative and there are lots that make her stop and think, she says. So, over to Victoria:

This week, I have decided to share with you my Fresh Five blogs which make you think. All of these bloggers write so eloquently. Some of them write poetry, others from the heart but all of them have brought a tear to my eye and a desire to read their post again. I hope that at least some of them will make you think too.

This lady is a part-time neonatal nurse and a full-time Mum. She also suffers from depression. Her posts have really made me cry. She shares some incredible stories of her time as a neonatal nurse and attending the delivery of babies. In Breech, she shares the most difficult birth she has experienced. She is very honest and has written about her own fight with depression, some of this can be seen in her post ‘Slipping’.

I first came across Leigh when she shared a post with my poetry linky. This lady has been through so much, losing her baby, Hugo, after he was born at 24 weeks due to HELLP syndrome. Hugo survived for just 35 days. She has written some beautiful poetry about what she has been through, including The World Can See The Shape of You in Me.

Lucy is a fairly new blogger on the block and is one of my ‘ones to watch’. She is a wine lover, self-help enthusiast and business owner. She has a little girl, Elsie May, born June 2014 after she had trouble conceiving. Her poem ‘A Miracle in Two Years’ is beautiful and she admitted to crying when she wrote it.

Tor is my second newer blogger and ‘one to watch’. She writes really engaging pieces and never fails to raise a smile with both her poetry and the images that accompany them. Her latest poem ‘The Truth About…Women Drivers’ is genius and so very true!

Vicki is a blogger who shares quick, simple, tried and tested recipes and information for people who have limitations to their diets or have kids with limitations to their diets. She started her blog after her daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease and shares a post about the day they found out. She is now in the process of writing a gluten-free recipe book and she recently wrote a post about striving to find the best gluten-free pastry in her Recipe Book Update number 2.

Which blogs make you really stop and think? Let us know in the comments below!

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