Fresh Five Week 58: The Parenting Edition



Forget about the biscuits, this Friday we’re celebrating the impending weekend with ice-cream! Oh, and five brilliant blog posts as well, of course. This week’s Fresh Five is all about parenting. Read on for some funny, brave and inspiring posts about being a parent, as written by bloggers in the Tots100 community over the past week.

Our choices today come from Colette who blogs at We’re Going on an Adventure about life with her husband and three children near Manchester. You can also follow Colette on her Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.


5 Great Posts about Parenting

I could have made this a Fresh Fifteen!  By far the hardest thing about choosing the Fresh Five is narrowing it down from all the wonderful writing that’s out there this week. However, I’ve done it. Here are my five favourite posts, which although linked by the common theme of “parenting” are varied in tone and subject.


  • First up is Katie from Hurrah for Gin with  7 top tips for a child free holiday.  A child free holiday – what bliss. What I loved most about this post was that, aside from making me very jealous with talk of gin, sunshine and the chance of an uninterrupted gossip, I wholeheartedly agreed with the sentiment that there is nothing better for making you appreciate exactly what you’ve got at home than a few nights away!


  • My second choice comes from Kate at Family Fever: Preparing for Nursery. Kate is in the middle of settling her little man in to nursery and they are both finding it hard. I think it’s really important to write honestly about things like this. Parenting is all about conflicting advice and experiences – all kids and all parents are different and Kate’s post just proves that. Fingers crossed Max settles quickly and we can read all about the little boy who doesn’t want to come home at the end of the session!


  • Next on my list is Danni from It started with a Squish, writing about Feeding Eleanor. I’ve been avidly following Danielle and Eleanor’s breastfeeding journey – they’ve not had it easy AT ALL but they’ve stuck with it and it really made smile to read that, whilst still no bed of roses, breastfeeding is working for them both now. I’m so impressed they’ve managed to keep on keeping on, and I’m sure this post will provide reassurance for other people struggling with breastfeeding, weight gain and so forth.


  • My penultimate choice is Emma from Born in 2011 who really struck a chord with her post Is Parenting Comparable to Work? Absolutely Not.  Over the last 5 or years or so, since becoming a parent, my career path and working life in general has changed a lot.  Emma’s post picks apart the old stay at home mum vs full time work debate with a much more positive slant. At the end of the day we all have to do what works for our own families at the time.


  • And finally – the ever entertaining Kerrie from Wife, Mum, Student Bum with Father’s Day Gifts Wot Cost Nuffing By Alice Aged 2½.  Whilst the internet is awash with ideas of how we should be spoiling all the daddies this weekend with beer, chocolate and random tat, I love this somewhat alternative list from Kerrie – doesn’t every parent want to go to the toilet in peace?


Thanks for some great picks Colette! Have you read any great posts this week you think we should know about? 

Every day of the week, Good Reads brings you the best and brightest content from Tots100, the UK parent blog network. Our community of more than 7,500 parent bloggers have a combined monthly audience of more than 10m readers, writing about everything from parenting to politics, food and fashion.

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