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Tots100 Instagrammer of the Month

We saw some interesting trends over at Instagram in 2013. 

Our 2013 Instagramming turned up hot dogs as legs, countless selfies, “food porn”, DIY masterpieces and the debate whether to use a #filter or not (#nofilter).

Last year here at Tots100 we shared our Instagram addiction with you all by championing some of our favorite Tots100 Instagrammers. This year we don’t know what our Instagram loves and hates will be or what trends will turn up, but we still want to share with you some of our favourite Instagram photography.

Once a month we’ll be putting someone’s beautiful, inspiring and highly enviable Instagramming on show here in our Instagrammer of the Month feature.

Without further ado, January’s Instagrammer of the month is…

Oh So Amelia

Oh So Amelia is the Instagram feed of Kerry. Kerry writes a beautiful blog full of photography, recipes, craft and lovingly chronicled moments of Amelia’s life. Kerry says her blog is, “My little place on the web to share pieces of my daily life, Amelia, DIYs, ideas, pregnancy and post-parturm advice, my goals and dreams, and things I love. I originally started this blog to write letters to Amelia and document her life so she can read when she’s old enough. But somewhere along the way it has become more than that. This is our virtual baby book.”

If you haven’t visited Kerry’s blog yet you really should, and then you should head straight over to her Instagram Feed.

You can see the same passion and effort Kerry puts into her blog in her Instagram feed. We’ve popped in some photos below from Kerry’s feed. You can follow Kerry on her Instagram Feed, on Twitter or on her blog Oh So Amelia.


If you’d like to feature as a future Instagrammer of the Month just leave your Instagram ID below and we’ll start following you. Don’t forget to have a look at our other Instagrammers of the week linked below. Get ready to find yourself lost in beautiful photography!

And it goes without saying, if you’re on Instagram then don’t forget to follow us at @tots100 too.


Amelia PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3Amelia2




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  1. @Etusty.

    I love seeing these instagrammers of the month. It’s great to see how different people’s photos are, and how they fit so well with their blogs.

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