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After a short break over the holidays, Fresh Five is back, bigger than ever before. Or maybe that’s just me, having eaten far too many mince pies over Christmas (*boom tish*).

If you’re new to Fresh Five then this is your chance to get to know some new blogs and re-familiarise yourself with some old favourites. Every week a member of the Tots100 editorial team, or a Tots100 blogger, will pick five posts which have stood out for them over the last few days.

This week our picks come from Emma at Emma and 3 who is looking at the theme of resolutions and fresh starts. Emma wrote a brilliant post on the subject herself – Why I Won’t Be Doing Dry January – so we thought she was the perfect person to source some other inspiring reads for us.

Emma writes…

New Year’s resolutions are a bit like Marmite; you either love them or hate them. This year I don’t really have any resolutions,although I do plan to start running again and lose some weight (that has gone on since I stopped running).  Although I’m not making any resolutions, I was intrigued to see what some of my favourite bloggers doing.

Donna over at Little Lilypad has an alternative idea and does reverse resolutions instead. Donna has a wedding to plan this year which is so exciting, I would love to have my wedding again. Guess what? I would even choose the same man, but would love to do it again as it was such an amazing day!

DorkyMum opened my mind to the idea of challenging yourself with a word for the year. Her word for 2013 was “Courage” and this year’s word is “Learn”. It’s inspired me to think about what I still want to accomplish and my word for this year is going to be “Achieve”. What would your word be?

Helen at Actually Mummy talks about how she is planning to nurture her family and give herself a little more time too, even if just to have a bubble bath. Taking time for yourself is something that I think most mums need to do – we seem to always put ourselves last.

Alice over at More Than Toast inspired me by looking at back at what she has achieved during the year. Regular readers of More Than Toast will know it hasn’t been an easy year for Alice, but here she picks out all the positive bits and reminds us that although none of us are perfect there are always successes we can celebrate. This was a really inspiring read.

If you are looking for a great way to set goals and resolutions with children I think Pinkoddy’s motivational and reflection jars are a fab idea. This would definitely work with my three children – each could set themselves some challenges or goals for the year ahead.

Even if you haven’t yet written down any resolutions it is never to late to set yourself some goals for the year ahead.  This quote always inspires me:

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

– Andrew Carnegie

What are your goals or resolutions for 2014?

Emma can be found at Emma and 3, on TwitterFacebook and Google+

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  1. Some great picks. Thank you for sharing mine – I hadn’t thought about my children making jars that is a fantastic idea – thank you 🙂

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