Tell us where you hide the presents and you could win a Hudl!



Blog to WIN: Hudl Christmas Cheer Competition

Stuck for ideas of what to buy your significant other/ darling children for Christmas? The new Hudl by Tesco makes a great gift, with a 16GB hard drive and Android OS, it makes the perfect Christmas treat for everyone in your family, even the little ones  – and all for only £119!

To celebrate its launch, we want to bring you our own special brand of Christmas cheer – Hudl Christmas Cheer!

Once you’ve decided on what gifts to buy, it can be difficult to find places to hide them away – I swear my allocated “Christmas drawer” gets smaller and smaller every year! So, we would love to hear inspiration from fellow parents about what they do with Christmas presents to keep them away from prying eyes before the big day!

Do you have an imaginative way to hide Christmas presents from your kids? Or did your own parents have ingenious ways of keeping their presents secret from you? If you have a great story to share, we’d love to hear it!

Write on your blog about hiding presents at Christmas and you could be in with a chance of winning a brand new Hudl with all the trimmings:


  • £150 blinkbox vouchers
  • £65 Google Play vouchers
  • Philips Bluetooth stereo headphones
  • Hudl micro USB power charger
  • Hudl 2m micro-HDMI to HDMI cable
  • Hudl 7” leather case and stand
  • Samsung smart Blu-Ray/DVD player



It’s a great prize package worth £500!

But that’s not all – four lucky runners up will win a Samsung smart Blu-Ray/DVD player, a £30 blinkbox voucher and a £25 Google Play voucher.

To enter, all you have to do is write a post on your own blog and include a sentence in your post confirming your entry into the competition and linking to the Hudl homepage (for example “This post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition”).

You can’t enter this competition by commenting on this post.

Don’t forget to come back to this post and add your entry to our Linky. You can also tweet your entry using the hashtag #hudlxmascheer

Good luck!

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Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

Discussion26 Comments

  1. michelle bennett

    I have 3 washing baskets in the house- smaller presents get buried in the bottom of 2 of them and clothes i have no intention of using (ie summer clothes) are dumped on top. I dont hide the bigger presents as i have nowhere to put them- they are brought and wrapped as soon as they arrive. The kids know if they touche them they end up with spoons and cups under the tree lol

  2. i have a shed luckily enough. the only thing is the kids have suddendly started asking why i started to lock the shed now!! haha they dont miss nothing

  3. we have 7 little ones so its very hard to hide anything in our house but i have to fill cuboards, tops of cupboards, wardrobes ect, even the outdoor shed and garage get filled , its hard t hide them lol x

    • Tweeted @chrriss88 (add a link to Tesco)

      The secrets out see where I hide my Xmas presents @tots100…

  4. Oh My family learned years ago not to hide them from me, I now get my presents in september, october and november because my family would rather give them to me when I am there than me have them and not be able to resist and open them early on my own ha ha! no hiding needed here haven’t got the resistance I’m afraid!

  5. I would hide my hudl in my ironing basket. I really am the only one who goes through that pile of clothes!

  6. I hide them under the duvet in the spare bedroom, then pile all the food and drink I have got for Christmas on top of the cover!

  7. i have a zip compartment in the back of my headboard as my bed came all zipped inside it, i use that its great 🙂

  8. In the bottom of the wardrobe. the girls know they are there but have been really good and not looked

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