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Two of our very favourite things in the world are Christmas and Chocolate.

So when the lovely people at Tesco invited us to team up for a Twitter party and competition celebrating their brand new range of Christmas chocolate goodies, we jumped at the offer!

Update: Our Twitter party was a great success, thanks to everyone who participated. You can see the winners of our Twitter party here.


you can Win a Chocolate Hamper!

Tesco is  offering one lucky reader the chance to win a chocolate hamper stuffed with products from the new Tesco Chocolate range, PLUS a £50 Tesco gift voucher.

All you have to do is comment on this post to tell us why you want a yummy treat this Christmas – maybe you’ve heroically taken on the school run and won? Or perhaps your dog ate the last chocolate you bought?

Don’t forget to complete the Rafflecopter widget to let us know you’ve commented (bonus entries are available), and a winner will be chosen from all eligible entries received by 11.59pm (GMT) on November 30, 2013.

Please read the full terms and conditions in the Rafflecopter form before entering.


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Twitter Party terms and Conditions: Prizes are available to UK residents aged aged 18 or over, except employees of Tesco Ltd (The Promoter) or anyone professionally associated with the promotion. A Twitter entry is received when you Tweet using the #TescoChoc hashtag between 8pm and 9pm GMT on Thurs 7 November 2013. Any entries outside of these times will not be counted. Five winners selected by Tots100 from all eligible entries will receive a £20 Tesco voucher. No cash alternative. The decision of the Promoter in relation to the Promotion is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be contacted by Twitter DM. They must respond to notification of their prize within 48 hours or the right to claim the prize will be lost and the promoter reserves the right to re-award the prize. Winners will be announced on the Tots100 website by 05/12/2013. By entering participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the rules. All entry instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions. Promoter: Tesco Ltd, Tesco House, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, EN8 9SL. Please see the Rafflecopter widget above for giveaway terms and conditions. 


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. I rush around like everyone on Christmas Eve, but I’d love to be spoilt just on this day in particular as its my Birthday!!

  2. Would love a treat cause I have soo much wrapping and need to be able to look forward to something

  3. Natalie Thompson

    I make chocolate bouquets for my friends, you can’t beat handmade presents especially chocolate ones that are their favorite treats. Would love to make one with #TescoChoc as it would be a perfect treat for my daughter.


  4. I want a chocolate treat,
    to give me lots of heat.

    Those calories will warm me,
    better than a cup of tea.

    Help me on the coldest days,
    and keep bugs and illnesses away.

    Chocolate is like medicine,
    that is why I want to win.

  5. Because I love chocolate and my daughter loves chocolate and my son and hubby as well. We all love chocolate. We would love to win a yummy hamper.

  6. I never get treats, would be lovely to win but to be honest I’d probably end up sharing with my gorgeous boys lol 🙂 xx

  7. How exciting! It’s so interesting to read on the hastag #tescochoc what people love and hate. I’ve learned a lot, and also eaten a chocolate spread sandwich. Sigh. Diet starts next week, right?

  8. We’ll have spent 6 weeks over Christmas & by then we’ll be craving proper chocolate. That’s the only reason we couldn’t move there cos the chocolates not as good!

  9. I’d like to win the chocolate hamper because I do all the cooking in this house and do you know what, it’d be nice to enjoy a treat without me having to make it myself first! 🙂

  10. My whole family has been ill this week so I’ve been rather frazzle and struggling to keep sane. Knowing that a chocolate filled Christmas was on the way would make me smile.

  11. Everyone deserves a treat at Xmas, and it sounds like there would be plenty for the whole family!

  12. I deserve a festive treat because I’m always that busy running around after everyone else, I forget all about myself and put myself to the back of the queue!

  13. Because as a mum I always worry about everyone else having a treat at Christmas time and then I forget about myself!

  14. It would be really nice, because im so busy pleasing everybody else i forget about myself it would be nice to receive something for me.

  15. I’d like to win as i’m not working at the moment and money is tight but i’d be able to get my parents a xmas pressie with the Tesco voucher

  16. So I can give it to my wife as thanks for supporting my mother since my dad died earlier this year.

  17. Everyone deserves a treat at Christmas, but I would love one just to have 5 minutes to myself to enjoy box of chocs after babysitting for my nieces and nephews everyday for sisters to work

  18. I’d like to win because me and my family have had a torrid year and for once I feel like I deserve a treat. Anyway, it’s chocolate, who wouldn’t want to win hehe 🙂

  19. Not sure I am any more deserving but I will be spending Christmas with my family (16 of us in total and the numbers are rising!) so chocolate to share with everyone would be awesome!

  20. i would love to win to treat my husband,he is a fantastic dad and foster dad to our 3 foster children and he never gets any recognition so i would him to get a treat

  21. I survive every day, in tact, whilst bring sole carer for a 2 & 7 year old.
    Chocolate will help me continue to survive!

  22. i lov e chocolate and need it to function lol save my xmas by letting me win this fab hmaper 🙂

  23. For as long as I can remember my kids always seem to be drowning in a sea of chocolate and sweets at Christmas – they get given loads! I on the other hand don’t and have to regularly resort to nabbing a choocy bar here and a chocolate coin there from their stash as sneakily as I can without being caught, I know BAD MUM! So having such a treat all to myself would be heaven and my conscious will be clear! Woohooo

  24. I’ve been so good and have lost 11st and have planned to enjoy myselfthis festive season. No talk of diets shall be heard! And I’d dearly love some serious treats to enjoy with my 2 boys, who have been fantastic support and barely eaten any chocs in front of me!

  25. Starry (@Orangeblossom78)

    I’ll be cooking for 15 people on Christmas day. Will definitely need something to pick me up after!

  26. I’ve had such a manic year that it would be nice to just stop and sit down and enjoy some chocolate 🙂

  27. lianne claire martin

    i deserve a treat because ive emptied all the cupboards of treats and chocs trying to make the kids eat healthy and its going to last till christmas by then i will be desperate for a choc treat 🙂

  28. I would save them till no. 3 had arrived and share them with everyone as a celebratory thing! The deserving bit? Managing to save them for so long!

  29. Julie Lorraine Thomas

    We will be packing to move to our new home in January 2014, its going to be odd after 13 years in our current house. The chocolate would be a great tonic for us packers who will be getting stuck in with sellotape and caught up on staples on the packing boxes.

    There are better ways to spend Christmas, but some delish chocolates would certainly keep us going!

  30. It’s been a tough year health wise but I’m still standing and can’t wait to enjoy Christmas.

  31. Both myself and my mum love chocolate, the rest of the family enjoy chocolate too. To win this prize would be a wonderful treat as my mum is also a lover of Tesco. She is such a regular that she knows many of the staff by name, and they ask for her :- when other family members shop there.

    Winning this prize would be such a memorable treat, and most delicious.

  32. I deserve a festive treat because I’ve cleaned the house from top to toe and must have lost atleast 2 stones running about after everyone so it’s time to fatten up again!!

  33. I have just started a new home education group after a good deal of hard work. We start next week and there are over fifteen children initially signed up. If I won I could ensure that when Father Christmas visits us in December he has lots of chocolate to share with them all and a few books to hand out bought with the voucher. £50 could go a long way as we fund the group ourselves. 🙂

  34. Im running the Reading half marathon in March for the British Legion, so would love a treat of chocolate now before i have to knuckle down into the hardcore training and watching what i eat!

  35. I recently treated myself to one of the new tesco finest single origen chocolate bars. I’d managed to make it last a while and was looking forward to the last piece when the kids were in bed but when I went to get the twins one of them ran up to me with chocolate all round her face! She had discovered that if she stood on the settee are she could reach the bookshelf where I had hidden my last bit of chocolate! So anymore chocolate that I get will be well and truly hidden!

  36. I don’t deserve it but my daughter does for nbeing such a brilliant mum to my 2 lovely grandchildren

  37. I deserve a Christmas treat because this year has been the hardest year of my life as my dad passed away in aug and my mum had a heart attack.i also have a 3 year old and work part time so trying to juggle everything is difficult and don’t get time for me

  38. i deserve a festive treat this year as there has been so much drama, my head is fried and need a little pick me up…

  39. oops that should say
    Because I don’t care what the problem is – chocolate is the answer to everything!!

  40. Because I have been so very very nice – well – errr – a little bit naughty but nice 😉

  41. Katherine Coldicott

    At this time of year I need a treat. My 3 boys have there birthdays in October and November and I can’t even think about Christmas til after the 30th November ( youngests birthday). Having just sorted what they want for birthdays it then starts all over again for Christmas.

  42. a treat like ths would make my Christmas so much easier and would lessen the financial worries and the chocolate would be so lovely x

  43. I’d share it with my daughter who has just had her first baby 10 weeks & 2 days early, he’s doing really well.

  44. I would love to win this, after a crazy December working in retail i need a nice Chocolate treat!

  45. I am a hard working mum who has had a terrible year what with being made redundant ( I have now got a job) and my daughter breaking her leg in three places and having to be operated on and learning to walk again. A chocolate treat would be fantastic for all the family.

  46. as its only me and mu 3 children and I like other single parents do everything for them and for once it would be nice for them to be able to do something for me 🙂

  47. Ms Allie CAMPBELL

    After getting woken up at 4am by my children, slaving away cooking Christmas dinner then washing a pile of dirty dishes, I deserve to win the chocs so I can chill out eating chocs while watching a movie.

  48. We are expecting our second child in April so are on being a bit of a scrooge this Christmas. Be nice to win a nice bonus treat!

  49. I rush round getting all the presents, do all the cooking and by Boxing Day I am so tired I’d like a bit of me time

  50. Because my “sweet tooth” is sweeter than anybody else’s – ask my dentist if you do not believe me1

  51. I’ve had a rubbish year and recently lost my dad so would share my chocolate with my lovely mum

  52. I try to be good all year round and not to eat chocolate but at xmas after making sure my lovely two girls are sorted and have everything they could wish for for a lovely xmas I like to treat myself so this would be great

  53. Simply because I have made it to the end of the year with a smile on my face without resorting to the cooking sherry x

  54. Because I will be the one rushing around taking the kids here there and everywhere, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, cooking christmas dinner – after all of that I NEED Chocolate 😀

  55. Because il be running everyone around all day and i would love to put my feet up on boxing day and have a selfish moment!

  56. I would love to have this so I can share with all the children in my daughters class I volunteer in.

  57. after organising everything which must arrive by magic according to my family I deserve a treat not bought by myself!

  58. Because I am working all over Christmas. I am a Community Care Assistant and my old ladies still need visiting….will be a nice Christmas but different kind of a one…also I do live alone so Christmas for One here !

  59. I don’t think I deserve this, but my partner does for sure. He’s been working 60 hour weeks to earn extra money to buy presents so everyone has a great Christmas <3 xxx

  60. Because Im exhausted! Im not anymore worthy than anybody else but feel life is so manic work, children, appointments! Id love a treat xx

  61. Because I have been run off my feet and would enjoy the hamper at Xmas relaxing watching a movie with my family

  62. I deserve a treat because I have to keep all my excitement about Christmas to myself until 10pm Christmas Eve because it is my sons birthday. We always celebrate his birthday before we get excited about Christmas

  63. My husband keeps stealing treats from my treat cupboard and when I want one they are all gone 🙁

  64. because im a mum and i want my kids to have the best christmas ever but its not always easy when you cant afford it. i dont want them to be disappointed and winning this would help

  65. Because whenever I buy myself some chocolate I always end up having to either share it or give it to my little boy. Can’t resist his little face 🙂

  66. It’s not for me, it’s my boys first Christmas and it would be lovely to win for the whole family. Xx

  67. We’ve been through a lot of changes this year so it would be nice to make our Christmas extra-special

  68. I tried to be good
    Who knew that I could
    And helpful and kind
    I really didn’t mind
    And be nice to others
    Even THAT cat of my brothers
    Not grumpy, not vain
    Not tutting AGAIN
    Not sure I passed the test
    But I did do my best.

  69. Because an energetic grandson thinks Nana can bounce all day on the trampalene with him, then play racing cars and I definitely need an sugar rush!

  70. I’d love to win to take them for my family this Christmas as it will be the first Christmas in 14 years that I’ve been able to spend Christmas with them so it’s extra special

  71. We’re having the family over this Christmas & this would certainly help us get through the day 🙂

  72. Everyone deserves a treat.
    I deserve a treat because I have lost three stone using the low carb diet.

  73. Chocolate is all that can get me through the rest of the winter and my 60 mile round trip to work everyday through rush hour traffic!!

  74. I’ve just had my gallbladder removed and now I can finally start eating nice food again. It’s been months of not getting to really eat, so it’s about time I get to eat some yummy food while I recover! xx

  75. I would love a christmas treat simply because I love christmas and you can never have too many treats!

  76. I missed Christmas completely last year. All our plans were cancelled. I was laid up in bed with flu.

  77. I don’t deserve to win any more than any of the previous posts. But it would be nice to have a treat for Christmas.

  78. I will be honest, i have no money for Christmas due to a recent split with my im affraid i wouldnt beeating them but my daughters would 🙂 x

  79. dear santa i deserve a treat . i have been veeeeerrrrryyyyy good all year and even cooked nearly everyday from scratch ( and you know how i really dont like cooking) xxx

  80. Bernadette Blundell

    because im trying to shift the babyweight i think i should have a nice chocolate treat at xmas tho lol

  81. because I said pleeeeeeease with the big wide (puppy dog) eyes like my son does when he reeeeeaaaly wants something!

  82. Because I’ve been having pretty much no sleep or spare time this last week as deadlines have been moved earlier 🙁 so I’ve just had to get thing done with something handed in

  83. I do all the hard work; buying prezzies, wrapping them, baking, cooking etc. Plus, I’d share them. Maybe

  84. Bring 6 months pregnant, I’m finding life hard at the mo. The chocolate would cheer me up no end! The tesco voucher would be great to buy the baby monitor with as well!

  85. I deserve a treat because I always think of others before myself and i have given away so much stuff to friends & family this year I really think I deserve a nice treat back now x

  86. After, at my age again looking after my 4 year old Grandaughter while her my mum trains to be a nurse, I need a thank you 🙂

  87. Why ?…
    C calm
    H happy
    O ohhhhh
    C cheeky
    O ohhhh yes
    L lovely and yummy
    A afternoon break earned
    T tasty treat
    E everyone deserves a chocolate break treat xxx

  88. I would share it with all my friends and family over cups of coffee just because we’re all worth a little luxury

  89. I been laid in bed for the last year with a bad back injury (a little better now), this would be fantastic to share with my amazing family as a thank you for being so great. x

  90. Because I am a chocoholic and deserve a treat after nearly getting all the xmas pressies sorted

  91. I have 4 children and I spend months preparing to ensure that their Christmas day is fabulous. It would be lovely to have this wonderful treat because I’m a busy mum with little time to myself. Of coure I would share it though 🙂

  92. ive been trying really hard to sort out getting all my sons birthday presents fr the 5/dec and christmas pressents for everyone, all whilst trying to unbox and sort our new home that we have moved into. all this whilst carefully pacing myself because of my fibromyalgia and constant chronic pain from it all, i have worked my socks off and now im exhausted so im laying in bed in pain feeling sorry for myself, because i will now be stuck here for a while until the pain subsides. so that is why ii deserve some chocolate, to cheer me up! thankyou xx

  93. having a quiet christmas at home as hubby is suffering from cancer. Any treats will go down a treat!!!

  94. I would love a festive treat, because a pick me up is what my girlfriend and I need right now. One small “win” to make us feel happy.

  95. Well if you can’t spoil yourself once a year at christmas time,there is nothing to look forward to!

  96. My family deserve this lot. I went self employed earlier this year and trying so hard to build a beer future but money is pretty tight this year because of it so this would help us lots and can still spoil loved ones.

  97. I love chocolate and chocolate tastes awesome thats why i deserve it so i can have an awesome chocolate fun eating christmas

  98. i would really love some chocolate as i have had a stinking cough and cold for 4 weeks now and need some mega comfort food session

  99. Vicki Harper-Ward

    I deserve a treat because I’ve had a tough year, pregnancy and baby whilst living in a building site, ripped off by builders, one disaster after another and I really haven’t had any chance to enjoy my new baby, so can I please have a treat to make up for it??? x

  100. I’ve cooked Christmas dinner for a very large family for the past 20 years and I’m cooking it again this year. I think I deserve a festive treat this Christmas!

  101. because it’s a busy time running after 5 children never get time to relax would be nice to have a treat

  102. Somebody once said: “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree”.

    Well I might have Christmas in my heart; I’m unlikely to find it under a tree – but most importantly I need to find Christmas in my tummy.

  103. After a long period of illness I am looking forward to a great Christmas and would love to share this hamper with my little boy.

  104. I make sure everyone else has treats for Christmas, I tend to forget myself, this year I’d like to be treated and this prize would be fantastic for me a chocoholic.

  105. There’s ‘No-el’ in my name and ‘Yule’ not pick a more worthy winner of your ‘Santa-stic’ prize

  106. Because I don’t know how to say NO!….always helping everyone else but I do love it 🙂

  107. natalie fairhurst

    im a hard working nurse who cares for others all day, then at night i look after my family, a little treat like this would be for me and my husband to have a special night in together 🙂

  108. Because I love chocolate & haven’t had any for 109 days as on a diet. I should have reached my goal weight by Christmas Eve so will deserve (a very small!) treat x

  109. I would love to win this as I dont usually get any xmas presents so would be nice to have something 🙂

  110. Sharing with my wife and daughters, would mean I get to choose the TV programmes for once.

  111. I think I deserve a festive treat because I spend all of Christmas treating everybody else! A load of chocolate just for ME would be great!

  112. Last Christmas was stressful and this year I’m planning a relaxing one with extra choccies, because I deserve it 🙂

  113. I’ve worked so hard all year and I would love a treat. There has been alot of loss in my family so it would be nice to have some good news!

  114. we’re a huge chocolate loving family,this would be a super fab treat for us this xmas 🙂

  115. Me and my family have had horrid November so would love some treats to brighten up our Xmas

  116. Life hasn’t been easy for my family for the last 2 years but I have just completed a year of treatment and things are starting to look up! This would help make Xmas super special

  117. I live with 2 children and an over-grown man-child… The chocolate will keep them quiet for a while while I treat myself at Tesco 😉

  118. I’ve been shopping for everyone’s presents and I’ll be cooking them all dinner so I’d like a treat.

  119. I’d love them, my other half slacking when it comes to presents and it’s my birthday and Christmas within 4 days of each other!

  120. I would give it to my boyfriend as I think he deserves a festive treat for being so fab during a tough year!!

  121. I’m a hard-working member of a hospital Occupational and Physiotherapy department and I would like to share this with my colleagues as we all deserve it for helping people all year

  122. I deserve a treat as i lost my job and feel really miserable and a hamper of chocolate would make me feel a whole lot better.

  123. I would love a treat as I have had a really busy year including becoming a dad again so would love to win and eat lots of chocolate. 🙂

  124. Because every spare penny has gone on my 3 children, so I little treat of my own would be wonderful! 😀

  125. I am pregnant, run-down with a cold and tired, (just feeling sorry for myself!) and I could really do with a pick me up!

  126. I always diet in the two months leading up to Christmas and this could be my little treat to say ‘well done’!

  127. I’ve lost 2 stone this year & am finally my ideal weight so I’d love to reward myself with this! 🙂

  128. Because treats are normally what I buy everyone else and I usually forget to treat myself Doh!

  129. .. because I’m the most thoughtful when it comes to gifting and chocolate is always on my own treat list!

  130. Because I’ve just got a conditional offer from my university of choice and now i need to revise revise revise to get the grades! ;D

  131. Its my daughters first Christmas so a few extra treats would be great and also to spoil my mam who has helped me loads whilst i have been on maternity leave

  132. i never stop making sure everyone has a lovley time at christmas at home and at work , i work in a childrens home and unfortunatly they cant go home to family so the staff make there christmas as special as we can and if i was lucky enough to win i would share it so everyone had a special treat X

  133. I don’t deserve it myself I would give it on to my mother in law because she is working so hard to look after her husband while he is in hospital and needs a treat to keep her smiling.

  134. I’ll be doing all the pressie shopping, the wrapping, food shopping, decoraing, Christmas card writing, cooking cleaning etc. etc. so I would love a treat after all the hard work.

  135. i will be in desperate need of a chocolate fix once i have done all my christmas shopping, wrapping, sending and cleaning for the festive period!

  136. I would love to share the chocolate happiness with my work friends because we all deserve a real treat after an especially difficult year and I would love to share the calories too 🙂

  137. i dont want the treat for me , i want it for my hubby as he been made redundant and needs cheering up xx

  138. A chocolate treat would be just the ticket to help me through the festive season as I have just found out I have been put down to work all of christmas

  139. Because I LOVE Christmas and would love to share the prize with my family on Christmas Day!

  140. I’ve just moved to a new place and have lots of decorating to do before xmas! I’m sure a load of chocolate will help me get through it all 🙂

  141. Because I’m running around like a mad thing already, and would love an excause to pause, if only for a moment!

  142. Chocolate is the only nice thing i can eat as i cant eat anything with gluten or wheat in so this would be a lovely treat just for me

  143. Another year when everyone in the family has a chocolate Advent Calendar except me – I’d love some chocolate treats just for me.

  144. Its my Birthday a week before Xmas so I always feel like I miss out a little bit so an extra treat would be lovely xx

  145. I would like these to treat the whole family – we all go to my mums for Christmas dinner (me, hubby & 2 boys, my sister, hubby and 2 girls and my other sister and boyfriend…) these would be a lovely treat for after dinner to sit and enjoy x

  146. I’d love to win this, because it’ll be my first Christmas in my new house and I would be able to eat all the chocolate myself, without anyone else helping themselves!

  147. Would love this to share with my family….i rarely share chocolate so they will be lucky! lol

  148. Because I eat so much choccie over the years I’ve made the Chocolate manufacturers rich and me poor, so poor I can’t afford to buy my lovely treats so much

  149. HI, I deserve a treat because I’m a good person and I do lots of voluntary work for cancer patients.

  150. I deserve a treat as my health suck’s am so down in dump’s and need a pick me up and chocolate and a tesco voucher would make me smile

  151. So many birthday in the space of just over a month – there is mine, my dads, my grandads, my daughters, my mums and my husband!!

  152. By Christmas Evening I’m usually so knackered that I really need a Baileys, some good chocolate and 30 minutes peace and quiet!

  153. we have had a really rough year this year with ill heath etc and chocolate makes you happy

  154. I probably don’t deserve it more than anyone else but we are visiting relatives and it would be lovely to be able to take something as nice as this to share.

  155. Because I need something to keep me going when my daughter in law goes into labour with my first grandchild (and I’ll even share it with her!!)

  156. be nice to have a secret stash of chocolate that I don’t have to share and I get to pick first!

  157. Like most mums, I work very hard over the year. It would be nice to get something indulgent for me!

  158. christmas just isn’t christmas without some great chocolate to share round all the family

  159. I became I mum and now all the treats are for the baby so it would be nice to be able to treat myself

  160. I’m pregnant so I’m not allowed Pate or Wine, which I really don’t mind as long as I can eat lots of chocolate!

  161. would love to win this for me as always treating hubby and son and don’t bother with myself, but knowing me i’d share it with them and family over Christmas too. great prize, thanks for the chance

  162. I have been a good girl this year and would love to share some lovely choccies with my fiance 🙂

  163. it would be lovely to share it with my fiancée and have a treat for ourselves rather than the kids lol

  164. this has been such a bad year with one thing and another a little something nice would be nice for a change

  165. I have a nasty cold and I just can’t seem to shake it off, so it is leaving me very tired and down.

  166. I’ve done so well losing weight, I can actually afford to finally have some treats! 🙂

  167. I have offered to host xmas this year, and it has dawned on me its a busy month with athletics what possessed me so need something to pick me up

  168. Would love to win this so I could share it with my family! I am on maternity leave (and pay!) and so the voucher would come in very handy for the Christmas shopping!

  169. anthony harrington

    my WIfe deserves a festive treat, she has a lot to contend with on a daily basis and deserves something lovely.

  170. I’d love a choccy hamper to share with my pupils as a special Christmas treat as they have worked so hard this term

  171. I,ve been told my disc is locked or at best slipped and am in very bad pain this would go some way to take it away also I love chocolate.

  172. I think my family deserve it much more than me… they work so hard at Christmas with the cooking and organising and the like while I occupy the children!!

  173. I’m a second time mum to my 2 Granddaughters and I run my own business. I get very little time to myself or treats, but, I would share my hamper with my husband, 2 Granddaughters plus my sons and my other Granddaughters as well.

  174. I’m cooking for the first time this Christmas and I think I’m going to need that chocolate to cope with the stress!

  175. I deserve a treat as I’m a working mum of 3 kids plus i never got a birthday present off my husband this year lol

  176. Because the kid get most of the treats and I love chocolate. Would share with rest if family though

  177. I’ve had a bad year. Have been admitted to hospital twice and diagnosed with lupus! I am hoping to have a really good Christmas to make up for it!

  178. I deserve a festive treat because I will be the one that cooks the Christmas dinner….lol (and washes up!)

  179. Nyasha Mtutu (Isabel Luca)

    We are still trying to make our new house a home in time for Christmas so would be nice to have a festive treat! 🙂

  180. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    I’d love some chocolate as a reward for putting up nagging children and husband all week/month/year/lifetime ;-/

    Kel x

  181. It would be truely magic if it was possible to spoil our family this christmas with tescos new truely divine luxrious chocolate range. The seasonal period is only time we get to forget about these calorie things!

  182. There is nothing better then eating nice choccies whilst wrapping the Christmas presents & as I can’t do wine this year the more chocolate the better 😉

  183. I’ve had a very satisfying but really hectic year. I gave up work to spend more time at home with the kids until they start school but I’ve started teaching and tutoring in the evenings – I love it but it makes for a very very long day. I’m really looking forward to a relaxing break over xmas and a festive treat would be the icing on the cake.

  184. I am heavily pregnant and can’t tie my own shoelaces. I think that deserves a little bit of chocolate!

  185. Guess I’m no more deserving than many, but more than some others… I always make her a cup of tea before I go to work 🙂

  186. Because it’s my birthday 4 days b4 xmas and I’ve just remembered that hubby didn’t buy me a cake in July! !! I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger and I’m allowed 2 birthdays 🙂

  187. Because I have been extremely unwell this year and lost 3 stone over that last 7/8 months. So I could be doing with some delicious treats x

  188. I would really like to give the chocolate to my son and the voucher I would use to donate to my local homeless group for donations as my son and I got far too close for comfort to the situation this month! My chance to give something back 🙂

  189. Christine McCormack

    I’d love to win a yummy chocolate treat to keep up my energy levels to look after my 4 excited daughters over the festive period!

  190. shelley stevenson

    would be an amazing feeling snuggling up with the family on christmas night with this fab hamper having a good munch and watching a film, not having to worry about money for the following week..would love to win xx

  191. i think i deserve a treat as i have been ill for 9 months and am finally back on my feet to have a fab first Christmas at home with my hubby, Cant wait but haven’t even started to get organised for it yet xxx

  192. i would really like this as we are very short of money this year and have a lot of family coming round for dinner so this would help feed them.

  193. I deserve a Christmas treat because I am a regular Tesco shopper and deserve a loyalty reward

  194. I deserve it because all this Christmas malarchy is tiring and this chocoholic would love a treat 🙂 Please………….

  195. Christina Jarrett

    Because I’ve been unwell for the entire year and not left the house in so long I’m going crazy! Winning this chocolate would really put a smile on my face! 🙂 x

  196. Because I dont ever really treat myself, just love treating others, I know thats not much, but it would be really nice just to sit curled up on the sofa, with some nice tasty chocolate to enjoy and I am a loyal Tesco shopper x

  197. I deserve a festive treat this Christmas because I’ll be spreading the festive merriment like a Trojan horse.

  198. I deserve a festive treat this Christmas because I’ve been a good boy. All year. So far. OK I might be being economical with the truth here. But chocolate is at stake. And a £50 Tesco voucher, which basically means, because Tesco sell chocolate, another £50 of chocolate.

    It seems unfair to exclude me because my halo is slightly cracked. I mean I’m quite festive, I repaired it with some tinsel this week, which is more than I can say for the car which did a couple of daily runs from Bristol to Cheltenham to get Daughter Number One to University a few times.

    No amount of chocolate is going to help my car, but it’ll help me get over it. So herewith I formally enter my comment. I know Rafflecoptor won’t read it, but it made me feel better.

  199. i look after my grandma do her xmas shopping and cook her xmas dinner but i love to help her and would share this with her

  200. I love chocolate and would love to win this. I would share it with all my family. I work all week in a job that I dont like but I need the money so eating chocolate at the weekend would be really lovely

  201. I don’t think I’ve any more a deserving reason than anyone else, 2013 has been a rubbish year and a treat would bring big smiles to us 🙂

  202. It is my 40th birthday in 3 weeks time, just before Christmas, and I know I won’t be receiving a single present from my family due to low finances.

    It would be lovely to have some chocolates treats so that I could share with my two little ones and would really cheer me up. I am looking forward to spending a quiet christmas with my young children so that we can look forward to 2014 which I hope will be better for us than 2013.

  203. To share with my 2 year old daughter because we have been waiting for the blood test results for over 3 months only to be told they wern’t passed onto the other hospital, now she has to have more blood taken xx

  204. I’ve had a rough year nearly losing my dad to meningitis and now helping to care for him in a care home. My husband and kids have been amazing.

  205. Melanie Fairypants Kelly

    I would love a treat because i am suffering whiplash at the moment and am feeling very silly .It was at my Husbands gig i was headbanging and now i feel a tad old and silly not so much rock n roll more rock n deep heat.

  206. Jacqueline Roberts

    Not going to give a sob story we all deserve something in one way or another. But chocolate cheers everyone up 🙂

  207. I dont ddesreve a treat more than anyone else, I am a mum of 7 who wishes for my children to have the greatest xmas this year, and thats what would please me most, it would be nice to enjoy opening something for myself too but seeing them smile would make my day all the more special xx

  208. I have just had my birthday yesterday and being a full time mum it was nice to get away but unfortunately I caught a bad cold 2 days before and its not gone so ruined my birthday so this would be great to make me feel better.

  209. Ive cut out all treats because of training for the London Marathon – I should be allowed a relapse at Christmas! 😉

  210. I just like chocolate 🙂 plus the £50 Tesco voucher will cover my food shopping for Christmas/new year

  211. After a very busy year. Had my third child in April. Had my 2nd child’s 3rd birthday this month and then I will have my 1st child’s 5th birthday in Jan, I would share this hamper with the family at Christmas and on my eldest birthday.

  212. I would love to win the prize because i would give it to my mum for all the stuff she has had to put up with all year, it would put a big smile on her face 😀

  213. I think I deserve this treat as my hubby is currently in Afghanistan as will be missing Christmas this year as he’s due home mid Jan xx

  214. Ive signed up to do a 30 day weightloss challenge in January. Just one more (or even more) before this date would be heaven and very naughty.

  215. I think I deserve a little treat this Christmas as I’m due to give birth in January and with our first little one on the way I think Christmas time will be the last time we’ll be able to afford a treat for a long time!

  216. HUmm because i managed to be organised this year and christmas is all sorted ..normally im running about like a headless chicken!

  217. We have just moved house and there is a lot of unpacking sorting to do as we do not have enough cupboards. It would therefore be lovely to get a festive treat to lift our spirits

  218. I have had my family to stay at Christmas for 30 years and loved giving everyone a really special time. Now my children have left home and I would love to have a treat just for me to share with my husband.

  219. We recently got married and the day didn’t go as well as we had hoped due to several deaths in the family, would love a treat to cheer us up

  220. I feel I deserve a festive treat as I am doing christmas this year and am single handedly in charge of shopping, cooking and decorating… for the first time ever!!! *nervous*

    Chocolate will help me get through.

  221. Cos chocolate is made in heaven for humans and this human and her family have had a bad year.

  222. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Why do I deserve a Christmas treat?
    I really do not know,
    I’m just a mum who cleans and who cooks,
    So what else do I have to show?
    Hmm! I washed my sons footy boots
    and cleaned under his bed
    and then I unclogged all the sink!
    I then went to the shops
    and I hoovered the stairs,
    and I washed the dogs bed ‘cos it stinks!
    I’ve hoovered the bedrooms
    and sorted the toys
    and I also pulled hair out the plughole,
    I’ve done most of the washing
    and polished the table, and…
    I hope I’m not boring your lugholes! 😉
    So have I deserved
    your sweet looking prize?
    Or is that not what you were after?
    Ahh well, never mind,
    I hope you are kind,
    if not I’ll just fill up on my kids laughter!!! 🙂

  223. Stephanie Whitehouse

    I’m not sure I do – I’ve not done anything much to speak of this year. But it would be nice to share with the family

  224. Catherine Gregory

    Because I am feeling sorry for myself as had a week off work with tonsilitis and on 8 antibiotics a day, not even bought my tree yet 🙁

  225. Because I love chocolate but my 3 kids usually end up gobbling it up before I get a chance to have any. Maybe if i won this I’d get a look in 😉

  226. because i love chocolate aswell as my whole family and would be a perfect treatt for christmas x

  227. I deserve a treat because I have been so busy I am only just getting in the festive mood and there is lots to do for that too!

  228. michelle mcfarlane

    I deserve a treat as I never treat my self if I have any spare money I would rather spend it on my daughter than myself.
    And it would be nice to share with family on xmas eve as we finish off the xmas wrapping

  229. i deserve a treat as im a frazzled mum of 5 who has to do everything at christmas my 8 year old said daddys job is to put the angel on the tree and watch top gear out of the mouth of babes lol 🙂

  230. I deserve this treat because I have been dieting for the past year and lost 2 and half stone. I deserve a bit of chocolate over christmas 🙂

  231. I would like to win this for my husband who spent yesterday at the hospital with our son and myself , and sorting out his bike insurance after his accident. And the Drs and Nurses deserve some too as they were brilliant.


  233. not that I think I deserve a treat but I really would love one im a single mum with 3 gorgeous daughters who make me so proud this time of year is always a struggle so a little treat would be lovely xx

  234. Even if I won I wouldn’t treat myself to all the chocolate, it would get shared out with friends and family!