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This week it’s all about the food on the Fresh Five!

Looking for great blogs that will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen? This week our guest editor is sharing some of their very favourite family food blogs.

Laura blogs at How to Cook Good Food. She is a former London chef who’s moved out to the Surrey countryside in search of the good life. She’s a mother of 3, cookery tutor and allotment holder.  Laura believes that ‘food is all about flavour combinations and the influence of the growing season. Cooking is all about sharing and enjoying food. It makes life good!’


Over to Laura…

This week has seen me taking a back seat in the kitchen. I have been focussing on fresh and light summery food and drinks too. My Fresh Five this week is all about celebrating how tasty and simple it can be to eat and drink well without needing to turn the oven on. It is just toooo hot!!!!!  I have been surfing some of my favourite sites and bring you a collection of healthy and delicious summer treats.


  • Tinned Tomatoes

Jac is a Scottish vegetarian food blogger who I was lucky enough to meet recently when I attended Food Blogger Connect. Her food is always  good looking, healthy with the odd treat now and then and naturally it is meat free. Now, I am not a veggie but I love to  keep my meat intake down, especially during the week and Jac’s blog s always full of inspiration. This week her mango lassi looked particularly tempting. This is the kind of drink to enjoy nicely chilled for breakfast but also I bet it would make wonderful ice lollies too. Cinnamon in a smoothie is something I love to add myself and there is nothing quite like a fresh mango to make you feel satisfied and full of energy. 


  • Food to Glow 

Kellie is someone I met for the first time on a brief visit to Food Blogger Connect last year and it was great to catch up with her again this year too. Her blog is full to the brim of nutritious, feel good food that makes you want to try it all and celebrate the joys of eating well knowing all the benefits it can provide to your health. Kellie is someone whose recipes work, are well written and have excellent photographic images to support her step by step instructions. This recipe is a great way to use up any spare bananas. Using almond butter, oats. almond milk and coffee for those who need it in the morning, I think this shake would wake me up and cheer me up no end.


  • MamaCook

Heidi is someone who cooks great food and always manages to make toddler food look like something I would want to eat myself for dinner. Her food is fresh and innovative with the focus on tasty good ingredients, cooked well from scratch. She and I do share similar tastes in salads. One of my all time favourites, goat’s cheese salad is top of her list followed by coleslaw, potato salad and a scrumptious salmon pasta salad. This is my kind of summer food. A little prep in advance, then  it is just a matter of assembling ingredients. This is one of those posts that would be ideal to reference if you are having a BBQ that requires a few tasty side dishes. 


  • The Garden Deli

I always look forward to Sara’s posts. Being a keen gardener as well as an allotment holder, I love to keep tabs on what Sarah has been doing in her own garden and it is aways far more impressive than my own efforts. Her posts always combine garden news and tips along with a seasonal recipe which represents the time of year so perfectly. I guess that is what us garden lovers do, think about the seasons and use what is in abundance. Photos are also delightful, often featuring bees and butterflies and all the creatures you are likely to discover of you are a keen grower. Sarah has written about a light, refreshing cucumber salad with a tahini mayonnaise dressing that represents British summertime so perfectly.


  • Leeks &Limoni

To finish, I have a perfect cake that makes the most of the summer berries that are in season. Katharine writes a  fantastic blog full of Italian inspired recipes. She used to live in `Italy and also has an Italian boyfriend so her food often reaches to the Italian shores for flavours and traditional dishes. This perfect sponge combines raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and a hint of lemon to make a cake that would be ideal served with some freshly whipped cream or as Katharine suggests, why not make it to take along to a picnic. It also keeps well for a couple of days, but as you and I know, home made cakes never last that long!


I hope you have enjoyed my summer food themed round up of blog favourites of mine. Happy Summer Cooking!


You can also find Laura on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Thanks so much Laura for including me in this Friday’s Fresh 5 – especially as my ‘baby’ is now 17! And I’m glad to see Jac here with me on this list. So glad you met her 😀 Let me know if you make the frozen banana and almond wakeup shake

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