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win an x-box kinect

Earlier this month, six lucky Tots100 bloggers took a trip down Sesame Street with the team from Xbox, and learned about the brand new 2 way tv experiences available to Xbox users with a Kinect sensor.

These unique TV programmes are shows that kids can play – interacting with the characters on screen, and even appearing in the action themselves.

It’s a great way to learn – and play. And with Xbox 360, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can choose from thousands of games to buy and download, from shoot-em-ups to classic Disney adventures and much more.

Fancy trying the experience for yourself?

Win an Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle!

This month, Tots100 is giving away a brilliant prize bundle that includes an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, which means you’ll have everything you need to play Xbox 360 and Kinect games!

But that’s not all – we also have the full season 1 of both the Kinect Sesame Street TV and Nat Geo TV episodes for Xbox Kinect, and enough Microsoft points to download season 2 of both shows on Xbox Live!

How to Enter

Entry is dead simple.

Simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us: Who is your favourite Sesame Street character, and why?Β 

Make sure to fill in the Rafflecopter widget to tell us that you’ve commented.

Once you fill in the widget, you’ll see you can earn bonus entries by:

  • Liking Tots100 on FacebookΒ 
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  • And Tweeting about the giveaway! (You can Tweet daily to earn extra entries)Β 

The competition closes at 9pm GMT on Friday 5 July – so make sure you get your entry in before then!

Please read the full terms and conditions before entering.


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Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. amanda nutbean

    cookie monster – he reminds me of my husband when he sits down with a cuppa and a packet of chocolate chip cookies,

  2. I’d have to say the Cookie Monster too – you should see the way I can devour a cookie, the resemblance is uncanny πŸ™‚

  3. I always like the Count – because he counted everything……..I bet he had no friends!

  4. Elmo! He always makes my daughter laugh and he is so cute. Anyone who puts a smile on her face gets my vote!

  5. Beky Austerberry

    The cookie monster because he reminds me of my step son who always has his hand in the biscuit barrel when he is at my house!!

  6. Ellie Bromilow

    Count – I have fond memories of driving our mother mad by running round the house and shouting ONE hahaha TWO hahaha, lol

  7. Elmo! He’s got Dorothy in a tank and he ain’t afraid to show it! Elmo is cute, funny and I love the song ‘I’m Elmo And I Know It’ the LMFAO Parody.

  8. I have to say Big Bird – such a big softy and memorable even after 30 years, when used to watch it

  9. Slightly reluctant to admit it is without a doubt Oscar the Grouch. Even at a very very young age, I was fully able to relate to his moaning and grumbling, at the age of 4 I had the mental capacity of a 75 year old very grumpy old lady. As i’ve grown older, things have only got worst! I could go on, but i’d give you a headache with my whingeing….

  10. Beaker! I work in a lab, and, well… similarities have been mentioned. πŸ™‚

  11. My girls love Elmo, because he’s lovely and bright and they have one of those Chuckle Elmo’s that laughs too xxx

  12. Ernie!

    The moment I think about him, I start speaking like him – he’s too funny. Just the way he says, “Hey Bert… ” cracks me up every time πŸ™‚

  13. Defo Elmo! An ex boyfriend once bought me a ‘tickle me Elmo’ toy it was the funniest thing I’ve ever owned.

  14. Big Bird – the voice of reason. He was always my favourite as a child as he seemed to be the the most responsible – apparently I was born middle-aged!

  15. Emily Heritage

    Definitely the Cookie Monster! because he’s so so funny and reminds me so much of an old friend!

  16. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Sorry but can I have 2? Its Ernie and Bert because they’re so like my Dad and Uncle in both looks and personality!

  17. Melanie Edjourian

    cookie monster, he’s fab, although we also love Elmo, we have the toys for both that move and talk, they are hilarious πŸ˜‰

  18. It has to be Ernie because he is the only one I can do a decent impression of!

  19. Big Bird. He was the voice of reason. I was and adult before my time. Loved the cookie monster too though as I have a little rebellious streak.

  20. It is Cookie Monster for me! he is so cute, children loves him and he always makes us laugh.

  21. I always enjoyed Oscar the Grouch. He looked so grungy you couldn’t help but like him.

  22. FionaLynne Edwards

    I love Cookie Monster – he shares my addiction to all things biscuit

  23. Cookie monster is my favorite, as he lives in a a bin and loves cookies. Like me.

  24. Elmo as he is so adorable and has always been my favourite since I was little! πŸ™‚

  25. I know probably most folk’s choice too, but mine too! Just has to be big bird. He kep them all in line, seemed to be the only one with a brain!

  26. Kermit the frog – he simply reminds me of sesame street because of his unique character

  27. Count von Count – for too many reasons to, well, count. Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!

  28. Toss up between the cookie monster because my No. 3 son is the biscuit monster and Oscar the grouch because No. 1 son is called Oscar and I’m a grouch!

  29. Cookie Monster is the best! Maybe he just reminds me of myself…. We all have a weakness for something…. And cookies are irresistable πŸ˜€

  30. The one that lived in the bin, that fascinated me (forgot name, it’s been years!)

  31. The Count. He was just great. “One. one little cookie HaHaHa, Two, Two little cookies HaHaHa”

  32. Statler & Waldorf as they remind me so much of a couple of friends when we go out for coffee or a meal…

  33. For me its Big Bird, bright as a sunflower and a real good guy, he’s fab!

  34. I always loved Big Bird. He always seemed like he was in charge and new what was going on! And who doesn’t love stripy legs!

  35. Elmo is the best, he has the cutest voice and the most caring nature and he is Red, my fav colour

  36. Elmo – because he is the sweetest and I love his cute voice! The first present my boyfriend bought me was an Elmo cuddly toy πŸ™‚

  37. Lucinda Barton

    Big Bird! Because he’s tall like me although I dont have the yellow feathers…yet!

  38. I love Oscar the Grouch. When I was little he made me laugh so much. We had a garbage disposal thing fitted (sat in the sink and chopped up waste food) my parents name it Grover as they were sure that’s what Oscar was called. It was years before they realised they named it after the wrong character!

  39. Merlinda Little

    Mr. Snuffleupagus is my fave character. I grew up watching Sesame Street and this is where i learned english and a bit of spanish. Mr. Snuffleupagus is Big Bird’s friend and people (humans and puppets alike) believed he is imaginary cu he would always be gone when someone else is there. I love him cuz he is so.. lovable and hes got the most cuddly name and….. he is someone who only BigBIrd & I sees =P

  40. My favourite is big bird because after having my little boy last year I’m still a bit of a big bird myself!! Working on that one but he’s gotta be one of the best with his sunshine yellow, featheryness πŸ™‚ yep team big bird! x

  41. Catherine Reynolds

    Kermit was my favourite, closely followed by Ernie as he reminded me of myself!

  42. I love Oscar the Grouch, mainly because he reminds me a little bit of myself on my not so bright days!

  43. Count Von Count. One, ha ha ha! The voice my husband uses to “help” my daughter with her homework. It has her running scared!

  44. Defiantly has to be The Count…. such a shame his voice artist died πŸ™

  45. Denise Johnson

    The cookie monster as he use to make me laugh when he would stuff the cookies in his mouth. I also use to wish that I could be him and eat all the cookies that he use to eat lol!

  46. The Cookie Monster – because that’s what my Uncle used to call me when I was young; surprisingly, because I like(d) cookies

  47. Oscar the Grouch, because we all know one πŸ™‚ I even have my own Oscar but he is the furthest from a grouch you can imagine luckily. Neither does he live in a bin!!!


    Cookie Monster. I can identify with him. McVities Choc Digestives – gone!

  49. cookie monster – it really tickles my lil’ girls funny !
    good toy that makes us all laugh as we all love eating cookies as well.

  50. fiona o farrell

    Cookie monster because he’s so cute, loves cookies and looks like he’d share them as-well!

  51. Arabella Bazley

    Favourite all-time has to be Kermit as he is still appealing but I love Oscar the Grouch too because he shows how being grumpy is silly. πŸ™‚

  52. Definitely Big Bird, always so calm when everyone around him are losing their heads! πŸ˜‰

  53. the cookie monster because he has always been in it and i remember watching it when i was a little girl and i always loved him

  54. My favourite is Elmo. For two reasons, firstly, when Little Lady was born the way she slept reminded me of a Tickle Me Elmo, and secondly, as it’s my nickname, due to my short spiky red hair!

  55. well my maiden name is cooke so the nick name we got in our family was cookie monster so it has to be cookie monster ;0)

  56. Bert and Ernie were the ones for me – so funny and dry, although not that keen on their modern cartoon that popped up on the tv the other day!

  57. Captain Breakfast was my favourite as a kid, he was a rare muppet with an interesting big head, he only appeared in a few episodes if I can remember correctly. he was a superhero tho as he was encouraging children to eat the most important meal of the day -breakfast.

  58. Christopher Jones

    Oscar the Grouch, probably because I can relate to him lol, as I child I really loved him and his trash can.

  59. got to elmo – my sons impression of him was class, always make me smile.

  60. COOOOOOKIE MONSTER!!! He is awesome! His life revolves around biscuits!! Not too far from mine!

    • Christine Bray

      Love his phrases “Me want cookie!”, “Me eat cookie!”, and “Om nom nom nom”

  61. have to say not watch sesame street in a number of years, but had to be Mr Snuffleupagus just because he was suppose to be imaginary friend and I found him cute.

  62. Bryony Braschi

    Oscar the grouch…because it’s nice and more realistic to have children’s characters who aren’t eternally happy and upbeat!

  63. Cookie monster! He has no shame about cramming cookies into his mouth – wish I could do that without feeling the guilt! πŸ™‚

  64. I used to have a cookie monster….so it has to be cookie monster x especially as i can eat a whole packet of cookies on my own x

  65. Ernie because of his laugh. Plus he has to put up with Bert all of the time.

  66. Antasar Suleman

    Elmo and the cookie monster

    Elmo- he has a really good voice and is really educational

    Cookie monster- He is mad about cookies and is really funny

  67. Cookie Monster because thats my nickname for my son there is never any left when I want one

  68. Bert… what a way to rock a monobrow! I loved Bert and Ernie, so funny and I like to think kind of the original Ant and Dec!!

  69. Cookie Monster is the best because he is funny and reminds me of my son haha!

  70. Cookie Monster .. I even called my Yorkie after him.
    My Yorkie is a rescue dog & literally would eat nothing but rich tea biscuits dunked in coffee.
    Now, he will not eat anything but chicken.
    But, the name Cookie Monster stuck .. Chicken Chops never caught on!

  71. Helen Grayson

    Big Bird – Because it is really friendly and happy and helpful πŸ™‚ x

  72. Darlene Ovenstone

    The Cookie Monster and Elmo, can’t decide between them both πŸ™‚

  73. Margaret moe Dunlop

    LOVE Mr Snuffaluffagus <3 felt so sorry for big bird when no-one belived he was real xx (showing my age! lol!)

  74. The Cookie Monster is cute as can be, he likes to devour all the cookies, just like me πŸ™‚

  75. The Cookie Monster, as he’s simply brilliant and a great memory from my childhood.

  76. Big Bird, that’s the only one that sticks out in my memory from when I was younger so they must have made an impression on me ::D

  77. Matthew Colburn

    Elmo, my kids love their tickle me elmo and we have to watch the dvd everyday πŸ™‚

  78. Emma Williams

    Cookie Monster…..Lalalala Lalalala cookie world me love cooookieee!
    I sooo relate! Munch munch munch