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Thursday in our house is a day that I like to get the kids to try a new food they might normally avoid. In order to make it sound less intimidating we call it, ‘food adventure day’ and I let Annie pick the food.

I love being able to go to Wholefoods for Food Adventure Day. They lay out their fruit and veg in such an appealing fashion that it’s hard to get Annie to settle on just one item. Also they have a good range of ‘weird things’ that I don’t normally see in Asda.

I always make sure I point out that pirates wouldn’t have been able to eat sandwiches or pasta when they landed on a new island, they’d have to try the local fruit and vegetables, just like on food adventure day, and if it’s good enough for a pirate, it’s normally good enough for Annie.

This week Annie picked kumquats. I love them and their contrasting flavours, my parents had a little kumquat tree when I lived at home and I was a bit gutted that it only bore fruit the once.

I made sure to cut them open so Annie could see what they looked like and we could talk about what type of fruit they were. She examined a seed and looked at the different chambers inside the kumquat and we talked about why we thought you could eat a kumquat skin but not an orange skin. Annie’s theory? ‘Orange skins taste gross probably’!

Then it was time to taste…

Ez was slightly less horrified by the taste, but not much! He obviously didn’t like it, but he tried it again and again before eventually spitting it out and handing it to me.

Just in case the kiddo’s reactions left you in any doubt as to their opinions on kumquats…it’s a big thumbs down from Annie!

Annie can be quite neophobic so I like to encourage her to push her boundaries and this is a great way of doing just that. She is learning that it’s fun to try new foods and I’m so proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone, even if she doesn’t end up liking the thing she tried.

How do you get your kiddos to try new foods?

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