Toys that are not Toys


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This post is all about how children don’t need fancy, plastic, singing and dancing toys from the shops. Some of S’s favourite toys are things most of us would throw away…


Empty Boxes and Bags:

You know that old joke that you can buy a toy for a child, and they’ll have more fun playing with the box it came in? That fun is not limited to the packaging for toys.


Drinks Bottles

In this post I wrote about two empty bottles I’d filled with various things. We started with a couple of bottles filled with coloured water; now we have bottles with shiny craft materials, bottles with jelly and glitter, bottles with cous cous. The cous cous is a big hit; every single day S will sit and shake it for a good ten minutes, transferring it from hand to hand, looking at me to see how impressed I am by the noise she’s making.

Remote Controls

S loves buttons. And things she’s not allowed. Imagine the excitement when she gets her hands on a remote control!! Suddenly the TV is turned up very loud, we’re watching a channel I didn’t know existed, and the stereo is playing BBC Asia! (if I’m feeling awake and with it, I’ll take one of the batteries out of the remote and just let her play with it for a little while)


Kitchen Utensils

In the end, I admitted defeat, drew a smiley face on one of my wooden spoons and gave it to S. It doesn’t even go near the kitchen any more. The same with the posh pastry brush with blue silicone fronds. There are also spoons lurking on the play mats somewhere. For while she had commandeered a fish slice, but I needed it for my dinner the other day so I stole it back.


Random Stuff

Anything that is not supposed to be a baby toy, is instantly interesting and fun to play with. Baby wipe packets are a big favourite, because of the noise they make. We also like plastic cups, because you can scrunch them. I have also finally found a use for the rock samples that came with my science OU module – S will sit and play with them!


And so, in conclusion, it is safe to say that my child is easily pleased, and I wasted money on Christmas this year!

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Discussion2 Comments

  1. I absolutely agree!

    Some of my daughter’s favourite non-toys at the moment are:
    An old headband that she uses as a blindfold for some reason
    A balloon pump (especially when pumped at her face/hair)
    An old remote control
    An old house phone

    These (and more) have all made their way into her stash and she has claimed ownership by putting them away in her toy drawer!

    She also likes to play with my breastfeeding buddies knitted boob that I use to help demonstrate latch & expressing!

  2. All of our little darlings have quickly twigged when we give them a defunct remote control. They only want the one that will turn the telly off :/

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