Halloween Fun


I love this time of year, it has to be my favourite time and most of my happy memories come from autumn; long walks in the autumn sun, leaves crunching under your feet, Halloween, Bonfire Night, stews, soup and crusty bread!

I’ve really been enjoying exploring the Tots 100 blogs at the moment such a wonderful array of crafts, recipes and ideas for Halloween and I thought I would showcase some of my favourites here and let you add yours too!

Firstly I was reading  Mummy Mummy Mum and she has blogged her recipe for Halloween Cake Pops and this is where I had the bright idea for this post. I’ve always wanted to make cake pops but they  seemed ridiculously complicated to make but Emma has made it easy for us!! I am really going to enjoy making these at the weekend with Maisie!

Emma’s scary looking cake pops!

Blatant plug of my own blog here for How To Make Your Own Hand Print Spider. If you are anything like me I am useless at organising crafts for the kids and this one is really easy and very effective! My kids love it!

Next up I found this rather spooky looking Ghost & Bat Halloween Bunting at Zing Zing Tree which is such a brilliant idea and really simple to make too!

All kids love watching Lava lamps don’t they? So why not make these awesome Spooky Lava Lamps from Science Sparks – not only do you find out how to make these you also learn the Science behind them; so really great for older kids who might be a bit bored making hand print spiders.

Then I came across Red Ted Art and was blown away by all the amazing crafts and ideas for Halloween. The one that I want to share with you though is How To Make Paper Halloween Lanterns. Find me a child who doesn’t like Paper Mache! Although the last time we tried it our balloon burst whilst drying and left us with a shrivelled mess.

Red Ted Art’s Halloween Paper Lantern.

Rainy Day Mum shows us how to make Witches Cauldron Cupcakes – I’m not sure I fancy one of these but what a super idea for a Halloween party!  Even more cupcakes because it’s all about the cake isn’t it? How about these scrumptious looking Witches Hat Cupcakes or these adorable Owl Cupcakes  or if biscuits are your thing then these Spooky Spider Biscuits look so much fun to make and I expect ever more fun to eat.

Now I just have to find the time to make all these wonderful creations… See how this post ended with all that lovely food – that says a lot about me 😉

Have you wrote a post about something you have made for Halloween? If so it would be great if you can add it to our linky below!


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  1. Adele - www.playfullearners.co.uk

    Thank you so much for featuring a link for our spiders:0) We have also linked up some more ideas. There is some amazing ideas around this year and I can’t wait to celebrate on the 31st xxx

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