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Every month, the Tots100 index of UK parent blogs continues to grow, and many of our members are brand new to blogging.

Being a new blogger in such a large – and talkative! – community can be intimidating for some people, and it’s certainly hard to get your blog noticed. That’s why each month we invite Kathryn from Crystal Jigsaw to share with us some of her favourite blogs from all of those that join the Tots100 each month.  Why not click through and say hi to some of our newest members? 

We don’t have space to highlight all of our new members but if you are new to the index, we’d love you to introduce yourself in the comments, or Tweet us a link to your latest post so we can share it with our followers. If you’d like to, we also welcome bloggers to write guest posts for our blog, or take a turn guest editing the Ten at Ten weekly round-up. Getting involved is a great way to get your blog noticed!

Thanks again to CJ for all her hard work each month, we really appreciate it, and love checking out her recommendations:

CJ writes: 

We have quite a lot of wonderfully talented new bloggers to the Tots100 Index this month, all of whom love to write, love to craft and love to share their stories. I’ve chosen a larger selection than I normally would because simply, they all deserve a mention and our support. Don’t forget to follow on Twitter, too. Interaction on social networking sites works wonders for your blog stats…
Musings from a Mum – This mum of three offers an interesting variety of posts from joining in linky’s to writing about family life. A lovely, open and honest blog that will give you the opportunity to get to know the author in words and pictures.
Twitter: @musingsfromamum

Make Do And Friend – Crafty and talented, this blogger is full of wonderful ideas that will be sure to entertain your little ones for hours on end. Check out some of her suggestions and see what delights her children experience.
Twitter: @blueskiestweets

Pre-School Play – Cathy shares some memorable and fabulous photographs with us. Another talented blogger, she never appears to be short of something to do with her children and I know you’ll find her ideas just brilliant.

NLP Mum – Stay at home mum Fiona, encourages us with her positive methods of getting the most out of each day. After reading her blog, I’ve learned a bit about Neuro Linguistic Programming which is what she speaks expertly about. Her personal stories of which she blogs about here, will inspire you to read on.
Twitter: @nlpmum

Bishy’s Blog – Really cute blog about a mum who is, just like the rest of us, on a learning curve so far as our kids are concerned. I enjoyed the author’s sense of humour and her writing style; the way she makes you feel part of her world is expertly done.
Twitter: @bishy_barnabee

Multi-Layer Mummy – Well-written blog by a lady who thinks a lot, does a lot and most definitely achieves a lot. Quite new to blogging, she has a fabulously presented blog that I find particularly interesting to read.

Mummy and Boo – This blog has the most gorgeous header photo, you just have to check it out. Rosie, the blog author, loves to write about the subject that obviously interests her most; her beautiful baby, Boo. Some beautiful photographs to enjoy, too.
Twitter: @mummyandboo

Discontented Mother – One of those lovely, heart-warming blogs that we mums and dads will easily relate to. Mum to 3 children, Karen joined the blogging world to interact and make some new contacts, something many of us have done also.
Twitter: @discontentmum

Stepford Wifey – Another fantastic crafty blog with some beautiful photographs – especially of Christmas, those are a must-see. You won’t be disappointed by the ideas and suggestions that Carly (who used to blog at Mummy’s Shoes) gives.
Twitter: @mummysshoes

Lish Concepts – A blogger who really seems to enjoy life as she makes the most of her lovely family (and trips to Amsterdam!!). Some well-written and interesting posts carry us along Lucy’s journey as she also gives us fabulous ideas on how to make the best of our talents.
Twitter: @lishconcepts

Bambinos and Bumps – A loving stay at home mum, Sarah is a qualified primary school teacher together with a very talented master of all things interesting. She shows us some gorgeous photographs on her blog and her unconditional love shines through each post.
Twitter: @bambinosbumps

Explore Beyond the Usual – If you enjoy reading about topics concerning spiritual awakening, then you’ll love this blog. It’s full of informative and interesting posts that will help you live and learn about an alternative lifestyle.
Twitter: @RAnnRousseau

Three Years, One Stone Then Home – Chocolate lovers, and anyone else, will love this blog. The author doesn’t blog about chocolate, but she does blog about her fascinating life in Switzerland before she hopes to return to the UK to live.
Twitter: @farfromhomemama

Mum’s Diary of Three Wonderful Children – This is a really useful blog where you’ll be sure to read about some great products as Kirsty gives us her take on the items she’s been fortunate enough to test. There are some great ones on there that will benefit us all.
Twitter: @kirsty22xx

What’s Your Secret? – Another new blog that is once again well-written and well thought out. A blogger on a mission to find a happy medium, she entertains us with this fabulous blog and some brilliant illustrations!
Twitter: @whatsecretblog

Mum’s the Word – Full of humour and brilliant posts, this new blogger will be sure to entertain you. She also has a serious side to her nature where she talks about post natal depression, a subject very close to many hearts.

Tinies and Teens – This is a great blog to have a good old debate – something many of us parents love. With some great rants and fabulous discussions, the blog author has a very clever way of engaging with her readers about all topics relating to babies and children.
Twitter: @tiniesandteens

Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Hi
    I am confused about how the rankings work. I have been registered for a couple of months now, and my blogs hits are getting more and more, but I haven’t changed ranking at all.
    Please can you help.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Kara

      If you take a look at our About page, there’s an explanation of how we calculate our scores, but briefly we look at 7 different metrics each month that measure things like how many people link to your blog, how new those links are, and how influential the sites are that link to you, as well as how many people subscribe to your blog, how many people share it on social networks, and how many people follow you on Twitter.

      We look at the 7 metrics each month for every single blog in the index and score each blog for each metric. The blog with the lowest score gets 1 point, the next blog 2 points, and so on. We then add together your 7 scores to get a total score for the month, then rank the blogs in order of score, high to low. The blog with the highest score is ranked 1st, and so on.

      Very new blogs will take some time to move up the ranking – because many new blogs have very similar scores, simply because they are newer.

      If you have downloaded your badge code from the site it will update automatically each month – your name isn’t linked so I can’t see your blog name from your comment, but it’s unusual for a rank to remain unchanged for three months in a row, it’s possible – but if you’d like to tell me your blog name and rank, I can certainly check.

  2. Hi – I’m new to this too but so happy that I’m number 857 after my first month! Not sure how good that really is, but I’m pretty pleased!

  3. I’ve gone down about 100 since last month (think this is about my 4th month), which is very bizarre given I’ve since joined twitter and have lots more followers, have been getting lots more link ups by other bloggers, so can’t really understand how you can go down so much in one go (unless everyone else is doing even more). I guess it’s just a bit pot luck when you’re down the bottom end. Very strange.

    • At the lower end, it’s common to have 100 blogs with the same score, so moving just one or two points can mean a big leap up (or down). The blogs that are newer have fewer posts to score, and statistically the scores are more variable. But it will settle down over time.

  4. Hi
    I got my tots100 score last month, when are the new scores published?
    I don’t have many followers so I’m not expecting it to go up at all but would like to know so I can keep an eye out for it.
    Thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing all these new(er) blogs. It make for very interesting, varied reading. As (yet another) new blogger it’s lovely to find out who else is in the same boat.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi, I found this site this morning through Me, the man and the baby who I found through my daddy cooks:)

    What a great site, I’m ally looking forward to adding more parenting blogs.


  7. Thanks for the welcome. Just had my first ranking and very pleased with it. Lot’s of tecchie stuff has been swallowing up my time over the last six weeks of developing the site. Looking forward to more time for writing over the next six!

  8. Help! I tried to register this week as a new blogger, but I managed to delete the first email I received on activating my account….now I can’t do it and want to make a start with getting my blog ‘out there’. Sally can you help?

  9. Hey guys. I was ranked for the first time this month.
    I’m loving the community spirit within tots 100.
    I blog about the ups and downs of family life, pregnancy, our experiences, stuff we love, stuff we hate and the odd hormonal rant too. I’ve been blogging for about 8 ish months now, and love it.
    Just wanted to say hi. My blog is xx
    PS my son is well known on Twitter as his nickname is Batman. So it goes without saying, my baby bump’s nickname is – OF COURSE Robyn!! xx

  10. Hello hello! I am new to TOTS 100 as well and fairly new to blogging, although I talk about a wide range of topics mostly relating to family life/lifestyle for my own clan and around the globe….a little bit of everything really. Stop by for a look at


  11. My new blog is a sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek critical commentary on modern British parenting based on anecdotes and observations from my life. I started it due to an overwhelmingly positive response when I originally posted some of the stories on Facebook. However, I’m new to blogging and would really appreciate and tips, advice or even stepping by to see what’s what. My main aim at the moment is just to start attracting small numbers of visitors and hopefully go from there!


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