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Top Ten British Mummy and Daddy Bloggers


It’s Friday, it’s December and thoughts of bloggers are turning to Christmas and all it brings. So there’s a definite festive flavour to this week’s Ten at Ten – our favourite 10 posts from UK parent bloggers in the past week.

We have some great reads for you, so we suggest finding the warmest spot you can (possibly under the duvet, wearing long socks and a big jumper) and settling down to discover some amazing new blogs. 

We’ll start off with At Home with Mrs M, who has discovered what I consider to be the greatest advent calendars in the world – the Playmobil advent! This comes in a police version, too – because nothing says festive like a pair of handcuffs and a man in a stripy t-shirt.

Are you creating a little something for your local school’s Christmas fair? Basically, I want to steal everything in this post by the ever-lovely Country Heart and Home, and pretend I made it myself.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about how people who put their decorations up on December 1st are basically ruining Christmas for the rest of us (I hope you’re proud) – so imagine my glee when I discovered that Ellie at Insomniac Mummy has publicly admitted to being an early decorator – she’s shameless! Which side of the debate are you on?

Raising babies is hard work and I remember the very special torture that was the baby weighing clinic – getting out of the house intact is a miracle sometimes, in those early days. So lots of sympathy to Me and My Grumpy Baby, who is wondering whether it’s right to be in a rage when someone else pees on you and yours. I say “yes”.

In recent weeks, I’ve taken to hunting down Pinkie and the Brain clips on YouTube – best cartoon EVER. Although there are some fab retro cartoons in this post over at Barenaked Mummy, too. What do you wish the TV execs would bring back? Also on the retro theme, Muddy Wellies discovers she has ten of the Mr Men living in our house. Personally, I think we just have Mr Messy and Mr Lazy.

Before we go headlong into Christmas, though, let’s take a quick look back at November and the NaNoBloPoMo project – where bloggers all around the world decided to post every day for a month. I’m fascinated by this, as a very much ad hoc blogger myself, but many of the bloggers who took part didn’t have an entirely positive experience – I was really interested in this post over on Motivating Mum.

This month, Honest Mum is showcasing stories from other Mums, and I loved the most recent post from Hazel Davis about the confession that – actually – she’s not that close to her Mum. Is that something we’re sometimes afraid to admit?

Anyone who’s turned on the TV this week will know the economy is not looking rosy, and we’re hearing more and more stories about how this is affecting bloggers and their families. Here’s a great post from the Mummy Whisperer about how to cope with redundancy if you’re a parent.

Last this week, but by no means least – London City Mum takes photos of people she sees out and about. Mean but funny, and also, I could totally feature in something like this, one day.


That’s all for this week – we hope you enjoy checking out this week’s top posts, and we’ll see you again next Friday!

Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Thank you, I too will now be happy and smily for the rest of the day!

    Although after creating that list I realised that always that there were many I had missed!


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