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I love Twitter.


I think I love pretty much everything about Twitter. The ironic hashtags, the quick one-liners, the moments when someone blurts out a thought through their keyboard without stopping to censor themselves.

And some of the most entertaining and brilliant people on Twitter are bloggers – and people who chat with us. So, we’ve decided that each month we’ll be sharing with you 20 bloggers, social media pros and writers who you NEED to follow on Twitter – the ones who make us laugh, make us think, or just plain make us stare at the monitor in open-mouthed horror, through our fingers…

Introducing the Tots100 November Twitterati…


Tracking my obscenely expensive new coat as it leaves the depot is almost as exciting as tracking Santa’s Christmas Eve progress. Almost.


My new jeans have such complex fastenings that I’m basically wearing a denim chastity belt.


Learnt a valuable blogging lesson this weekend. When being offered content, check to see how many other blogs are running the same content.


OH: I’ve got two Oyster cards, just like Kanye


I’ve got a sneeze that won’t happen :-/


C seems to be using my bra as a tunnel for his train. Not sure how I feel about that…


Right then Twitter, where do I get a Cybil Fawlty costume for a 7yr old?


Chaos here. We’ve set off and I have wet hair, an un-ironed top and an extra child.


Any inappropriate Tweets last night were due to my account being hacked. Honest.


..caroldecker Do you sing “China In Your Hand” when a member of your family loads the dishwasher?


Goodnight Twitter. If you’re adding things to my Christmas list, it now reads 1. Electric pencil sharpener 2. Penguin hot water bottle


I hate myself for being mildly interested in Chantelle & Alex Reid having a baby. Could be worse, I could be really interested.


Does that say ‘erotic’ or ‘exotic’ flavoured popcorn? Could affect my choice.


I’m scouring past tweets to compile a list of my most offensive. Does anyone have any scintillating ones favourite by any chance?


My parting shot: A packet of Cadburys Twirl bites are just not as satisfying as several Bacardi’s and cokes.


Just nearly got taken out by a mobility scooter. What a way to go.


Of course. Why would you want to play with any TOYS when there is a pile of magazines and a laptop cable nearby? You crazy, genius baby.


“As a feminist, I looked down on Mumsy types”. Yup. Liz Jones TOTALLY gets feminism #sigh


My extensive knowledge of the Young Guns soundtrack & Lou Diamond Phillips has pissed my husband off that much he’s sent me to bed


Just seen a car with the license plate F5TUS. WTF?


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. I just literally laughed out loud at some of these tweets. Off to follow who I don’t already follow.

    Thanks for including mine – days out don’t always start like that for us….

  2. I’ve just painstakingly followed all of those. I clearly move in the wrong Twitter circles as apart from the glorious I am Wit Wit Woo I wasn’t already doing so. Sorted now though.

    Liska x

    P.S. Bad_Kate does not work (for me anyway)….. link does not load up to anything


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