Best of the Parent Blogs: Ten at Ten (Week Ten)


10 Best Mummy blogs of the Week

It’s almost time for another weekend, which means it’s time once again for us to share our favourite 10 posts from Tots100 bloggers from the past week.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

This weekend is Mothering Sunday, so we’ve chosen two very different posts about Mother’s Day from the Tots100 to share with you to begin with. First up is this post from Mrs Stepford who gives us five great gift ideas for Mother’s Day – feel free to open the post and leave your laptop where your relatives might see it, is our suggestion. However, I’m going to say that I think the inclusion of Royal Wedding china on this list may be a tad controversial.

Whatever we might feel about the gifts and presents, being a Mum is a huge responsibility – and one that Walking with Angels confesses scares her, in this moving post about how Mother’s Day is a reminder that we can’t always protect our children, and learning to live with grief.

Mother’s Day came a little early for Sandy Calico at Baby Baby, and frankly we’re impressed she’s finding time to blog given her impending house move – good luck, Sandy!

I must confess that I’m a dog person – and there’s nothing I love more in Spring than romping through fields with a slightly deranged dog who will chase anything, just for the joy of it. So I loved this post from There Are Cuckoos in my Nest about what happens when your faithful friend can no longer keep up with the rabbits. Sniff.

This week, Jax at Live Otherwise asks how much is too much when it comes to Tweeting? It’s an interesting question for anyone who blogs, and I’m curious to hear how other people balance the marketing, work and social aspects of social networks.

One of the great things about online life is having access to advice and support from someone who’s been there before – no matter what the issue you’re facing, it seems. This week, I enjoyed this post from Mummy Whisperer about how to help your child enjoy school more – particularly appropriate for me at the moment as one of my good friends has a little boy who has recently started to declare, “I hate school!”

There were also some great tips this week from Expat Kids that are a handy reminder for all of us – not just those living in new countries – about how we can help to keep kids safe.

From time to time, I really enjoy looking through photos from people online, although sometimes I confess (sorry!) that I don’t necessarily want to look at 50 pictures of the same thing, posted for a meme. That’s why I completely loved this idea from Postcards from the PP – a photo scavenging hunt, challenging bloggers to find and photograph specific objects each time. Check out the entry from We are Here.

And of course, sometimes a photo is enough to make a post on its own – although as an added bonus, this post from Kat Across the Pond also introduced me to the term ‘pea-mageddon’. I think I’m going to be using that one in conversation, very soon.

Finally, for this week, a small plug for the MAD Blog Awards 2011, which open for nominations in April. If you want to plan ahead and start thinking about who you’ll nominate (although you’re free to nominate yourself, of course) then head over to the MAD Blog Awards, and check out the details of this year’s awards and prizes.

Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, Trips100 and the Flea Retreat. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 13 year old daughter, Flea.

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