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Introducing Blog School!

  So that’s summer over then. If you’re already missing lazy sunny days and dreading the return of gloomier weather then fear not, we’ve got something to get you motivated […]

Coloured pencils

Blog School: How to Illustrate Your Blog Posts

  When I was first asked to write about how to use images and drawings in posts I’ll admit I was hesitant. I’m a self taught artist and perfecting my skills […]

Google Plus

Blog School: A Beginner’s Guide to Google+

Google Plus takes a a bit of getting used to, but if you spend a bit of time finding great people to follow you’ll find a hive of activity and […]


Blog School: How to Make a Pinterest-Friendly Photo

Today we’re talking all things Pinterest. Pinterest can be a great source of traffic – especially if you regularly blog about crafts, food, fashion, beauty or interiors. But how can […]

Selfie tutorial

Blog School: How to Take a Good Selfie

Did you know there’s a fine art to taking a decent selfie? Fear not, the queen of the beautiful selfie – Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn – is on hand to […]

Making a media pack

Ten Steps to Making a Media Pack

Media packs. I know you’ve heard of them – but what are they, do you need one, and how do you even write one? In short, anyone hoping to make […]

Negotiating a deal

Blog School: How to Negotiate for a Sponsored Post

  “The worst thing you can say is ‘I want $X for this job,’ leaving no opening for negotiation by the other side. Better language is ‘I hope to earn […]

Kiran Chug

Meet the new Tots 100 covering editor!

Hello!  I’m Kiran, and I’m covering the editor’s role here at Tots 100 while Molly Forbes is on maternity leave. I’m a journalist, editor, blogger and mum of two. I […]

Blog Promotion

Blog School: How to Promote your Blog Posts

The feeling of excitement when you hit publish on a blog post never really fades – no matter how long you have been blogging. I always hit the button with […]

Retro cash register

Blog School: How to Write and Chase an Invoice

  The first post in our 2014 Blog School series tackles the subject of invoicing. If you’re taking sponsored posts or working with brands on paid content then this is […]

Tips on taking summer photos

7 Summer Photography Tips

Summer is the perfect time to get out the camera and capture all those momentous summer occasions. What summer would be complete without shots of sandcastles on the beach, ice […]