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Introducing Blog School!

  So that’s summer over then. If you’re already missing lazy sunny days and dreading the return of gloomier weather then fear not, we’ve got something to get you motivated […]

vlogging for brands

Vlog School: Vlogging for Brands

We’re handing Vlog School over to Tots 100 columnist Jayne Crammond today who is going to talk us through how vlogging can add that something extra to your appeal if […]

vlog kit

Vlog School: What’s in your Vlogging Kit?

It’s often said by people a lot smarter than me that all you really need to make great video blogs is a smartphone. And there’s a lot to be said […]

how to add annotations on youtube

Vlog School: How to use annotations on your YouTube videos

Often, you can add captions and subtitles to a video while you’re making it in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. But there are a variety of reasons why you might […]


Vlog School: Editing your Movie

One of the wonderful things about video blogging is that pretty much anyone can do it. But one of the terrible things? Is that pretty much anyone can do it. […]


#BeInspired: The Blog Camp Edition

Whether you were there for the pro-tips on vlogging, the expert classes on food photography, or because you’d heard the cake might be quite good – we hope those of […]


Vlog School: How to add Custom Branding to YouTube videos

One of the things that makes pro videos look great is the little custom branding animation that appears before each video. With YouTube, it’s ridiculously easy to make these and […]


Blog Camp October 2014: Need to Know

The second BlogCamp of 2014 is just days away and lots of our Tots 100 bloggers are preparing for a day of workshops, tutorials and networking in Birmingham. If you […]


Vlog School: How to get a custom URL on YouTube

This month on Tots100, we’re sharing tips and tutorials for bloggers who are taking their first steps into vlogging. We’ve already shared some great tips from Kirsty on creating a […]


#BeInspired: Making the ordinary extraordinary

We all write blogs which are about more than memorable moments and big milestones. As parent bloggers, most of us will undoubtedly cover these at some point, but they’re not […]

Fresh Five

Fresh Five Week 67: Blogs for your inner geek

As bloggers, most of us love to be schooled up on the latest gadgets that could help us with our craft. We also appreciate a good read that might point […]