Fab Christmas Crafts to Keep you Busy this December!


Christmas craft ideas

If you have been super organised and all your presents are bought and wrapped, and your gravy is in the freezer, then you’ll have lots of time this month for trying out some of the stunning Christmas craft ideas from Tots100 bloggers. If, like me, you are slightly less organised, then we have some fabulous present ideas for you!

The pretty, glittery white clay ornaments from Imagination Tree would make great little presents, as would these cute snow globes and sweet name wreaths from Here Come the Girls.

Tin Lanterns by Thinly Spread
Tin Lanterns by Thinly Spread

These tin can lanterns from Thinly Spread look so pretty in a row on a mantelpiece and making them requires proper tools with sharp edges, which will appeal to older kids who might think crafting is a bit babyish.

Red Ted Art’s cute Christmas stars are perfect to make with really little kids. If you can wield a glue stick, you can make these!  Also for littlies,  Red Peffer has a great, easy, painting resist idea, particularly as you get two pictures from one art session!

It’s always pleasing to be able to combine crafting with a bracing walk to collect materials, and these woven pinecones on Rainy Day Mum tick both boxes.

It would not be a Christmas craft post without a liberal sprinkling of glitter, that you’ll find in odd corners of your house well into the New Year (or maybe that’s just my lackadaisical approach to cleaning). Domestic Goddesque has used a hot glue gun to make some really clever sparkly snowflakes.

Pink Oddy’s snowman is possibly the best use I’ve ever seen for those stray socks that always end up at the bottom of the wash basket.  And the result would grace any mantlepiece!

Footprint Christmas trees by Mrs Shilts
Footprint Christmas trees by Mrs Shilts

My favourite Christmas cards are always the homemade ones. These simple tree cards could be made by even the youngest toddler and if you’ve got a willing baby with squidy feet, then these footprint Christmas trees from Mrs Shilts would make fab cards. Hama Bead Christmas cards are a great idea, and a good way to keep the children busy while you’re getting on with something else.

The Crafty Cow has made a stunning paper Christmas tree, with colourful little paper decorations, a good one for older kids with lots of patience.

The Christmas trees made from recycled green bottles and glowsticks at J B Mum of One are very festive and First Time Mum’s pot pourri heart would make a great present for an aunt or granny.

Shell Louise has ideas for 24 days of crafting. I’m particularly fond of the snowmen made from bottle tops and I know my kids would love the ones made from marshmallows!

Christmas playdough recipe by Nurturestore
Christmas playdough recipe by Nurturestore

And when everything is getting a bit frantic and your toddler is overwrought, break out this lovely, fragrant orange and clove dough from Nurturestore and have a calming knead together.

Happy Christmas Crafting and don’t forget to show us your results!

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  1. There are some truly fantastic ideas there. I love just how inspiring bloggers are at this time of year. Many thanks for mentioning my snowman,

  2. Some lovely crafts here. I’m off to check out the hama bead Christmas cards….I’m always at a loss as to what to do with their creations once they’ve made them and I think the Christmas card idea is brilliant!
    Thanks for linking to me :)