Cellophane Window Decorations


[shared by The Mini Mes and Me]

25 February 2013

Cellophane Window Decorations

The Mini Mes weren’t very well at the weekend unfortunately so all plans were cancelled and our time was spent indoors instead under duvets and resting. We did however get to make some rather pretty butterfly window decorations which are quick and easy to do with only a few materials required.
They are ideal for Spring, teaching about symmetry and colour.


You will need card, different coloured pieces cellophane, scissors, glue and a pencil.
Fold the card in half and with the pencil draw half a butterfly coming from the fold with some circles/patterns on.
Cut it out and open it up
Using the glue attach pieces of cellophane over the holes, turn it over once complete and then place in your window for the light to shine through into your room.

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