Sugar Decorated Cookies


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Thanks to Pinterest I recently got totally passionate about sugar decorated cookies. I spent days pinning and watching tutorials until I finally decided to give it a go.

The worst idea EVER! (as you can see from the picture!!)

They (these professional cooks who probably make their living out of these cookies) make it look so easy and quick…they decorate a biscuit to perfection in seconds…

I swear it’s a real struggle!

What was a first quick attempt, turned out to be a whole afternoon spent standing up in the kitchen with my heavy bump covered in flour and my back which was killing me, just to produce a dozen of bad decorated biscuits and lots of dirty dishes!

Not been stubborn enough, the next day I decided to make a second batch of biscuits. I gave up, I just could not learn how to decorate cookies in half a day. Plus I realised that the crazy prices these people ask for those cookies are actually worth it.

Disclosure: I didn’t make these cookies for Valentine’s day but for my husband birthday which is the day after Valentine’s day.

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