Paternity and Maternity Leave – would you share?


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Is sharing parental leave a solution for the modern parent?

So it is nearing the time when you and your partner have to inform your place of work about the type of leave you want to take and when. But how do you decide who spends more time with the baby or is it a cut and dry case of Mum taking the leave.

Flexible parental leave for parents can be evening the bonding balance between Mum and Dad. Would it make any difference to you?

As a Mum I wonder about the finer details. If there is an ability to take leave at the same time then this is fantastic. There is nothing more supportive then having others around when you have a newborn. I was incredibly lucky that my partner added holiday to the 2 weeks allowance he was allowed at the time of my daughters birth. I also had a sister that took time away from her pressured job to generally just be around. I remember the heaven of a bath while Fizz slept on her for 3 hours on one of those very new parent days. By sharing the leave but being able to take at the same time I am sure it can only be of benefit.

However what happens when you return to work earlier than you wanted. There has to be some compromise, right? As a breastfeeding mum leaving my daughter at nursery at 7 and a half months was heartbreaking as was going back to work full time. It was only a matter of time before I was signed of with depression.

The options open to us as parents are so flexible now and it can only be a good thing but with so much to think about, so much to plan how do you know the right option for you?

Have you shared your parental leave? How did you feel leaving your baby with your partner and returning to work? Or is there no way you would share your maternity leave allowance?

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