Have a Thrifty Half Term


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Jen writes:

Half term will soon be upon us, but there is no reason to spend a fortune keeping the children occupied.  There are lots of things that you can do over the half term within a strict budget.

One of the ways I achieve this is to set a budget and then discuss it with the boys, and let them know how much we have to spend on any activities and this encourages them to choose what they want to do. There are also a lot of places that offer additional activities over the half term for a small sum:

  • Library – why not take a look at what your local library has to offer over half term? This is a perfect place to go when the weather isn’t great.
  • Art Gallery – we are really lucky that we have Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art on our doorstep, which has free entry.  Both the boys love to look round the galleries and it often inspires us to go home and get the craft things out. The beauty of modern art is that there is no right or wrong, so is brilliant for children.
  • Visit your local woods.  We have a couple close to use and both have fantastic adventure play areas, in addition to fab trees to climb.  Many also have woodland centers that have maps and trails for children and have extra events on over the half term.  The Woodland Trust have a fab free Nature Detective website with lots of activities on.
  • Visit your local museum. We have a number of small local museums, half term is a fab time to visit as again they often have additional activities.
  • Try out a new park. We often pack a picnic and a flask of warm hot chocolate and find a new park to enjoy.  The boys run of lots of energy and I get to take pictures and drink hot chocolate.  Whats not to love?
  • Have a family movie afternoon. Why not get the children to make tickets for the film and make some popcorn, then snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy a film together.
  • Take a look at your local councils website as they often have a list of activities that are available locally.  

What are your top tips for having a thrifty half term?




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