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Although I never need to make organisation and organising any more fun for me, I know that for some of you organising might not be a strong point or something to be enjoyed. My paperwork was arranged neatly inside old ugly ringbinder folders for years, hidden away fortunately in a trunk in our old living room. When we moved here the trunk didn’t come with us and they ended up on our open bookshelves in the dining room, battered and messy looking, ugly colours and looking all mismatched. I decided to stick to a £30 budget to buy new attractive folders, but then thought, hang on a minute, I’m gonna try and do a DIY job and spend far less, recycling the fully functional folders in the meantime.


Here are three of my now delightful folders! It was enjoyable, easy, and almost (with teeth gritted) a three year old child friendly job.

I used paper napkins to cover the folders – the gingham and spotty ones were bought for about £1.00 per pack from Aldi and the birds one is an Emma Bridgewater design which you can find on eBay. The one above has a watercolour painting on old paper done perhaps 70 years ago, found in an auction box of stuff.
All you have to do is mix two parts PVA glue to one part water and paint it onto your folders with a brush. Then take a close look at your napkin and you will probably see its either 2-ply or 3-ply, well, separate all the sheets of each napkin and gently, starting with the un-patterned bottom or middle sheet, place it atop your folder starting along one edge, and use more of the glue mix to spread on top of it. Do it gently or it rips. 


Once the whole folder is covered in this first layer, start with the next layer. You may find that with dark folders you would benefit with a quick painting of your folder in white paint before you start applying your first layer. Or, apply many of the plain layers (using toilet roll or kitchen roll too is fine) before you add your final patterned napkin, unless you don’t mind the original colour off your folder showing through. The first two were originally blue folders and you can see it showing through so perhaps a coat of white paint beforehand would have been helpful. Finish the edges of your folder off with washi tape or just plenty of glue, even regular sellotape if you like.
If you haven’t got napkins though, there’s nothing wrong with magazine images and a washi tape spine.

Ahhh, and now i can relax a little, and William Morris would be pleased with me as I’ve ticked both of his boxes!

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