Photo Friday: Gratitude



In the deep mid winter when we’re surrounded by snow and frost, when schools are closed and driving is treacherous it’s easy to get fed up.

Let’s not get fed up and complain it’s cold, lets be grateful.

Grateful for the little things in life.

This week on the Tumblr there have been lots of examples of little things that brighten these dark days. Little things we have to be grateful for. Let’s be grateful. Grateful for the coloured buttons. For the joy in a cardboard box. For the snow and the frost that makes everything so pretty. For the flowers that brighten up our homes.

It’s easy to notice the things we lack, when really it doesn’t take much to be grateful fo what we have. 

This snowy weekend lets be grateful for what we do have. For snuggled hot chocolates and snow angels. Making snowmen and snow dogs is one of the things on our Winter Potty List. It’s a great place to look if you’re stuck for ideas.




The 7 Day countdown until next photo Friday is upon us.

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Photographs from: Merriy Me, Domestic Goddesque, Mummy Shoes, Violet Posy, Little Pea Green, Helpful Mum, Geek Mummy

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