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In all the excitement about – whoop – SNOW, have you stopped to wonder what snow days can mean when you are self employed?

Yes, we know, who doesn’t love a bit of snow? That cool blustery wind, making snowmen and snow angels. I admit that I love a snow day as much as the next person. It helps that many of my greatest times (my wedding and bringing Fizz home) have been followed by a snow day.

That was until I started to work for myself and became reliant on outside childcare whilst I worked.

Today I have lost three working hours because there is a snow blizzard and my child is at home with me. Don’t get me wrong I love my child, but I want our quality time to be just that – not full of me worrying what part of my life will be impacted by the having to meet a deadline.

Today I have three SEO (search engine optimised) pieces to write for a company. They are due with the client before Monday morning, and usually in today’s three hours of work I would have completed them and have them on their merry way. However here I am child at home, with work to do and resorting to the other baby sitter (i.e the TV).

The snow doesn’t just mean business impacting on my home life.

There is a financial loss when having a child in childcare and snow being on the way. Regardless of whether you work for yourself or another company you lose pennies. Hard earned pennies that you can sometimes barely justify spending. I am fortunate that Fizz has her 15 hours a week term time allowance but still this morning in financial deduction is approximately £26.50. When our household budget for weekly food is £50-£60 then you can put in context how this actually affects your purse without actually getting something tangible for the cash.

So really how does the snow day affect you and your working life? Are you making the most of your lost pennies by making snow angels today?

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  1. Thankfully I’m looking for work at the mo so not having to get in and cope with nursery being closed (however, ours refunds or swaps if they have to close so at least the money’s not lost). My last role I could work from home if snowed in (and I was quite a bit over the last couple of years), but a new company is likely to be less flexible. Thankfully we have family within walking distance (and with 4x4s) if I was really stuck for childcare, but it still doesn’t get over the having to get in to work/having to work with children around.

  2. Totally with you on this my husband is a Ltd company and his contracts are around the country, if he cannot get into work we can be down about £150 a day, and all the normal expenses going out. I used to love the snow but now I only like it on a weekend lol. Xxx

  3. I’m freelance and have to travel to my clients in central London – my main problem with the snow are train cancellations. If I can’t get into work I don’t get paid and this is what’s happened the past 2 years. I’m on maternity leave this time so I’m enjoying the snow while I can!

  4. It is frustrating. I don’t know how people go on who go out to work and have to find emergency child care, otherwise lose a day’s holiday and in some extreme cases, their job. I work from home but unfortunately, this doesn’t register with the majority of people – they assume work at home parents are just stay at home parents, ie there in any event.

    I was in a pickle last week when Amy came home early because it had forecast ‘bad weather’ and the taxi driver didn’t want to drive her home at normal time. They had no consideration that I might not be in and just expected me to be there. There was absolutely no need for them to bring her home early and she lost an afternoon at school as well as me losing a few hours of much needed editing.

    CJ x

  5. When I was a child, and probably up until I had children if I’m honest, the prospect of snow was always an exciting one. Now it can be one big headache, All around you seems to shut down and stop when you yourself are able to carry on and lead a normal live – like the rest of the world.

    Schools closing, cancellation of public transport, people taking the day off in general. It all adds up and for a small business it can be a real problem. Two days my daughters were out of school with the recent snow, which left me with the decision of paying a child minder – £70 a day – or losing a days wages myself.

    Yes it’s one of those things but that doesn’t mean we have to like it and as harsh as it may sound I think in this country there’s a willingness to shut everything down and have a day off the minute a few flakes hit the ground.

    Roll on the summer!