Photo Friday: What Are We Up To?



We’re well into the New Year here at Tots100. Hopefully you’re all firmly sticking to your resolutions and haven’t been tempted by a huge piece of chocolate cake or finishing off that tin of Quality Street. Are your running shoes on? Is your gym card dusted off? Have you started anything new? It seems all around the community you’ve been throwing yourselves into new projects.

There’s a lot of inspiring crafting going on. Jen over at Mum in the Mad House has made the most beautiful spring wreath, Mum Friendly Jo has bought herself a new glue gun for all those sticking needs this year and Sharon at I heart Motherhood has tried her hand at Hama beads. Remember those?


A few of you have picked up new books, Marylin over at Soft Thistle has taken a lovely shot of what she’s reading and you can see that some of the books we’ve picked are more intellectually challenging than others…

Have you picked a new book for the new year? We’re open to all recommendations about what’s hot and what’s not.


Mostly it seems you’re alle embracing the cold weather and managing to still get out and about. You’ve been trying out first swimming lessons, washing siblings in washing machines, trying a little personal shopping and learning to ride bikes. It’s shaping up to be a busy year.

With the big freeze on the way maybe we’ll all get to pull our wellies on this week and build a snowman or two… who knows! Thanks for sharing your pictures this week, and thanks to all our Photographers. Happy Photo Friday!



The 7 Day countdown until next photo Friday is upon us.

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Photographs from:  Mummy Limited, The Crazy Kitchen, Me the Man and the Baby, Chelsea Mamma, Becky ArBlog, Bakers Girl, Mummy to Baby Insomniac,  Soft Thistle, Little Pea Green, Mum Friendly JoMum in the Mad House, Mummy Mummy Mum, Sew Pretty, I heart Motherhood,  Booths

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