Alicia Silverstone: Just like us?


You’ve got to admire Alicia Silverstone.  Her commitment to feeding her child healthily is second to none.  She makes Jamie Oliver look like a peddler of turkey twizzlers.

Alicia has a toddler called Bear Blu.  I well remember the early days of parenthood.  Exclusive breastfeeding led to careful weaning, using only organic purees and finger foods. Sugar and salt were kept to a minimum, but my daughter tucked into her first birthday cake with gusto.  Admittedly by the time the third one arrived, I didn’t bat an eyelid when he scarfed down crisps aged seven months, but I like to think I feed my kids pretty healthily.  Not according to Alicia Silverstone.  Not even close.

Alicia is vegan.  Her fridge ALWAYS contains Veganaise, Earth Balance “butter”, umeboshi pickled plum vinegar, flaxseed oil and kale.  I’m not entirely sure what all those things are, or why they should be in one’s fridge, but I’m prepared to go with it.  What I can’t quite get my head around is her list of Bear’s favourite foods.  Admittedly he’s not yet two, so he doesn’t have much choice, but still.

Peas and sweetcorn aren’t so odd, they’re sweet and small and many toddlers like them.   But what about kale, chard and bok choy?  Apparently, if Bear Blu sees them he ‘loses it’ until he’s given some.  Unlike most toddlers of my acquaintance, who are highly likely to lose it if someone suggests they put chard anywhere near their person.

Bear also LOVES miso soup, which Alicia Silverstone puts in his bottle and sheets of Japanse nori seaweed.  Goes crazy for them apparently.  And he snacks on beans.  The kind you soak overnight, like kidney or borlotti beans.  Just plain.  Without salt.  Yum.

He adores bananas, but they’re tropical fruit, not grown locally to where Alicia lives, so Bear is only allowed them in extremis, if there is no other food available.  Kind of like I give my children a lollipop when I want them to be quiet on an airplane.

Bear Blu is also a huge fan of other fruits, like avocado and berries.  But he’s not allowed them too often because they’re sweet.  They’re saved as a treat.  Avocado is a treat?  I’d like to see my kids’ faces if I provided them with a yummy avocado when I pick them up from school this afternoon.  I guarantee at least one of them would cry.

I admire Alicia Silverstone, I really do.  I wish I had even half of her commitment to feeding my children so healthily.  But I can’t help feeling that Bear’s going to run screaming to McDonald’s as soon as he’s old enough to steal her wallet.

Victoria is a confirmed Londoner, with a love of travelling to far-flung places. When not writing and hanging out on twitter, she is a silversmith. She is also useful in a pub quiz and adept at pulling leeches off small people.

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  1. Hahaha. Love this and totally agree. I used to hang out with a mum who was a total Annabel Karmel clone. If you fed your baby a few orange segments, she had mango or kumquat. If you produced a cheese sandwich for your child, she’d made a roasted vegetable wrap with homemade houmus. You know the type. I found myself praying to Jamie Oliver that her kid would grow up to be the kind of kid who craved turkey twizzlers!