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2013 is well and truly here. There are resolutions everywhere, mostly to eat well and get fit. Some people don’t believe in setting resolutions and some do… No matter which camp you’re in, if you’re looking for something different then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together something for all you happy snappers out there. We’ve collected seven Photography Projects from far and wide for you to get your teeth stuck into this year.

No matter how much time you do or don’t have there’s something for everyone to try. Here’s to the first week of 2013 and trying something new.

Project 365 is a way to document your life. You can blog, instagram or just keep your photos as a record of 2013, but you have to take one photo everyday. You can visit where there is a community of over 80,000 people sharing and enjoying photography from all over the world. You just upload one picture for every date in your calendar.

A word of warning though, it’s a real consuming challenge. It sounds simple enough but in our busy lives finding time to take a photo can be time consuming enough without having to upload it too. If you’re feeling brave put your best foot forward and get stuck in with project 365.


If the thought of trying to take a photo a day scares you silly then maybe Project 52, baby brother to project 365, is more for you. Swap one photo a day for one photo a week. It’s a lot more manageable if you’re pushed for time.

If you like an extra bit of inspiration, over at My 3 Boy Barians you’re provided with a week by week inspirational theme to get those cogs turning. This would be a nice one to capture you or your children week by week as the year rolls by…




If you’re a bit sick of the Instagram, Flickr, digital photography world and would like something more concrete then Project Life is for the more crafty of you out there. Originally created by Becky Higgins it’s a no glue, no cutting, no mess scrap-booking method. Just buy a binder, some folders, some pretty cards and off you go. There are loads of amazing ideas out there to make it a really personal project. Although the “official” materials are supplied from America, it’s something that could be so easily adapted to do yourself at home.




The Hour by Hour challenge invites you to get time specific. Instead of just taking one picture a day, try to introduce a time frame. Pick a certain hour and take a photo everyday. Maybe you stand at the kitchen sink and wash up at the same time every day, take a view from the kitchen window? Take a photo everyday as you walk the kids to school? Take a picture of your outfit everyday for a year or maybe snap something you’ve cooked? The possibilities are endless, just not sure everyone will want to get up on the weekend when they’ve picked 7am…



If a photo a day or a week still doesn’t cut it for you then why not pick a theme? It can be something as general as home, or family, but choosing something like ‘clouds’, ‘water’ or ‘sky’ can really push you to look for something new and different in the world. It might push you to improve your photography and would create a really lovely collage.




You and Yours is a theme which is about snapping your family environment warts and all. The tantrums, the tears, the laughs and those super proud moments. It’s a chance for you to really focus in on the important things in life and photograph the people who surround us. It’s not till we take the time to slow down and breathe that we really see our grand parents, parents and children in a whole new light.



One of our very own lovely bloggers Katie has started her own 2013 photography challenge. ‘I Am Thankful For‘ is a daily photo challenge to take a photo of something you are thankful for. Katie says ‘It could be something meaningful, poignant, or downright superficial but I am going to take a photo every day on instagram and use the hashtag #iamthankfulfor…’

It’s a really lovely project to remind us just how many good things we have in our lives.


We’d love to see more of your Photography this year. Don’t forget to keep tweeting us with the #totstumblr hashtag to share you photos on our Tumblr and keep checking out Photo Friday posts to see if you photography is featured.

Happy Snapping!



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